Michelle Schwartz

Life Coach for Women

Rosebank, Cape Town

B.Soc.Sci (UCT) | Post-graduate Certificate in Life Coaching (SACAP), 2007

021 686 2298

079 326 7616


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Rosebank, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Transformational Life Coach Michelle Schwartz offers clients:

1.  Individual Coaching:
Very often clients have a specific problem they are grappling with. Working one-on-one, each session focuses on helping the client successfully resolve their challenging situation.

There is no definite time frame for these sessions. Some clients come for 1 or 2 sessions, others stay for a number of years.

2.  12 Week Programmes, including:

•’Build Your Light: Helping Women Develop Self Belief’.
•’Stop The Whirlpool, I Want To Get Out: Managing Stress In Difficult Times’.

We seem to be living on a stress roller-coaster. Covid, and it’s accompanying challenges, have led to increased emotional problems worldwide.
These include increased self-doubt,
and increased stress and anxiety.

Women especially tend to struggle with self belief. The ‘Build Your Light’ programme helps women to build self value through:
1. Clarifying what is holding them back.
2. Identifying the strengths they’ve developed from their life experience.
3. Learning to take care of their own needs.

‘Stop the Whirlpool, I Want to Get Out’
helps people to reduce stress and cope with their challenges.
It is inspired by the research of Dr Suzanne Kobosa, who identified 3 attitudes that best help people develop stress hardiness.
‘Stop the Whirlpool, I Want to Get Out’ helps clients:
1. Understand the approach stress hardy people use.
2. Identify personal strengths.
3. Get clear on their values.
4. Learn to leverage their strengths and values to lower stress and handle difficult situations.

In the 14 years since Michelle qualified as a Life Coach she has worked with a wide variety of people, from doctors to cleaning staff, managers, students, accountants and artists. Michelle sees clients one-on-one at her office, at present she is working over the internet.

In addition to working as a Life Coach Michelle also volunteered at Life Line for over 12 years. Starting as a telephone counselor, she went on to do face-to-face counseling, facilitate groups and train and supervise new counselors.

From the manager about to be promoted, struggling with the death of his mom, to the doctor considering giving up her practice, to join her husband on his new job in a faraway town, to the computer programmer still suffering the effects of childhood bullying- clients have different stories and different dreams.

Michelle’s coaching focuses on the reality that while clients have dreams for the future, difficulties, from childhood, or present problems, can hijack their best attempts to get ahead. However a painful past or a difficult present need not limit your future.

All clients have their own inner wisdom, which when properly accessed can direct them to their goal. What gets in the way of that inner guidance? Childhood experiences, the hard ones, plus ordinary daily life, creates a self-limiting thought pattern that holds us back.

The power of coaching is to create a safe place where clients can talk about their challenges and develop their dreams for the future. An aspect of Michelle’s coaching that clients often mention, is the understanding support she provides while helping them develop clear steps towards their goals.

If you’d like to know more about the coaching, or make an appointment, please email or message Michelle to set up a time to talk.

Coaching Qualifications:

• B.Soc.Sci (UCT)
• Post-graduate Certificate in Life Coaching (SACAP), 2007

What Clients Say:

‘Michelle is so easy to relate to and open up to, with a great sense of humour, and a perspective on life to which I could relate and take insight from. 

Her methods are simple but effective; I found that my attitude and expectations with regards to life and what I want to get out of it have changed. She helped me pinpoint my strengths and my core values and helped me take stock of who I really am. She helped me realize all that I had to be grateful for and helped me increase my self-confidence. Since my coaching I have effected big changes in my life, including a change in career. 

Michelle helped me figure out what it was that I really want, and helped me gain the confidence I needed to go after it’.

Dr Steven
‘Michelle has a natural talent for insight into the human psyche. [The coaching] was certainly effective…and something I continue to recommend to others. I believe every person can gain from this’.