Michelle Schwartz

Life Coach for Women

Rosebank, Cape Town

B.Soc.Sci (UCT) | Post-graduate Certificate in Life Coaching (SACAP), 2007

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Rosebank, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

My Story

My childhood brought beautiful blessings, and hard challenges. In my 30’s it became obvious my childhood struggles were holding me back. I was fortunate to find a good therapist and work through the past. When it was time to leave I had this strange sense of feeling like a bird who had been shown she had wings, but had no idea how to fly. I had no idea how to bridge the gap between what I knew I could do, and the life I was living, how to actualize my potential. Theoretically I was free, but in reality my life was still being limited by a mindset created in childhood.

About this time I fulfilled a dream since varsity, and joined Lifeline. The 12 years I spent counselling and facilitating were deep and meaningful. My trainers and supervisors were always supportive, helping me develop and refine my counselling skills.

While still at Lifeline I decided to become a Life Coach. SACAP gave me a good theoretical grounding, plus the practical skills of being a life coach. But deep inside I knew… I was still struggling to figure out how to fly.

Build Your Light Coaching

My first day, my first job coaching in a large company. I was trying to find my feet in a new environment, I coached the first two clients. Then the manager of a small department walked in, actually he seemed to bounce in. He gave the sense of an upwardly mobile man, brimming with confidence. The coaching started, we got to work; slowly he told me his story. He was doing fine at work, but once a month he had meetings with his superiors, to report on his department’s progress. And at these meetings his confidence was unravelling. Reporting to his superiors reminded him of being bullied as a school boy, he found he couldn’t speak up at the meetings, worse he was starting to have panic attacks.

Times of stress and challenge sap self-belief. I’ve seen it often over the years, clients come struggling with past issues that hover somewhere in the background, holding them back. Like me they too feel they have abilities, have wings, but over and again a subtle inner voice trips them up. With time I began to see how low self-belief chains us to the past.

I spent the last few years reading everything I could; looking to find what was working in coaching/ psychology to shift low self-belief. Fortunately in recent years lots of research has come through Positive Psychology in this area.

Build Your Light Coaching is a combination of what I found works best with my coaching clients, plus what research shows is most helpful in building self-belief.

Four areas stand out:
1. Know your story, your history creates the inner voices that keep you stuck.
2. Know your strengths, the gifts you have been blessed with.
3. Self-compassion, nurture the good within you.
4. Find your purpose, work for the greater good.

If you’re struggling and you’d like to make an appointment, to work on self-belief, or any other issue holding you back, please contact me.

Coaching Qualifications:

• B.Soc.Sci (UCT)
• Post-graduate Certificate in Life Coaching (SACAP), 2007

What Clients Say:

‘Michelle is so easy to relate to and open up to, with a great sense of humour, and a perspective on life to which I could relate and take insight from. 

Her methods are simple but effective; I found that my attitude and expectations with regards to life and what I want to get out of it have changed. She helped me pinpoint my strengths and my core values and helped me take stock of who I really am. She helped me realize all that I had to be grateful for and helped me increase my self-confidence. Since my coaching I have effected big changes in my life, including a change in career. 

Michelle helped me figure out what it was that I really want, and helped me gain the confidence I needed to go after it’.

Dr Steven
‘Michelle has a natural talent for insight into the human psyche. [The coaching] was certainly effective…and something I continue to recommend to others. I believe every person can gain from this’.