Tracey Kennedy Master Transformation Life Coach / Master Life Coach / EQ mentor

Tracey Joy Kennedy

Master Transformation Life Coach / Master Life Coach / EQ mentor

Tracey Kennedy Master Transformation Life Coach / Master Life Coach / EQ mentor

Underberg, Southern Drakensburg, Nationwide, Online

Master Transformation Coach and Master Life Coach (Transformation Coaching Academy)

082 495 1868

Treadridge Portion 33 of Castle End Farm, No. 15591 Drakensberg Gardens Road Underberg 3257

How can we truly master our life and be happy? 

How can we respond consciously and lovingly rather than reacting aggressively, sensitively and defensively? 

How do we find our inner wisdom and take back our power from situations and other people? 

I have, quite literally, spent most of my life looking for the answers to these questions and only ever found stories of other peoples’ success but no “how to” make it happen for me! 

I was at my wits end and frankly, exhausted and defeated. I was depressed, anxious, angry, overwhelmed and downright scared of this thing called Life. I felt like a failure and it hurt.

In my seeking, I came across life coaching and since becoming a certified master transformation life coach for over 5 years now, I have grown in leaps and bounds in my approach to living life from and with inner peace, joy and freedom. I have now spent over 2 000 hours coaching and mentoring others and this has given me a lot of experience, insight and deeper realizations into how us humans operate and how we can change our life experiences for the better. 

I have actually changed my model of how to work with my clients and have opted for a very different way of working in this industry. I now help my clients to help themselves master their thoughts and emotions so they have this ability for the rest of their life. Once they know what to do, they can take care of any problems, issues, pains, worries, conflicts and hurts themselves. This gives them back their complete freedom, independence and self- empowerment.

I have advanced my learning is the last 4 years and implemented a much deeper and unique approach to coaching. This new approach has led me to create somewhat of a niche in mentoring clients in Emotional Intelligence so they can learn how to resolve and overcome their emotions rather than just managing them.

Those clients who have done their inner work have experienced great results. And they now have the ability to handle anything that comes their way without needing me in the future. This is true freedom and power.

Please note that I am not a therapist, counsellor or psychologist. Instead, I guide and mentor you in how to overcome and resolve your problems yourself. If this is what you are looking for and you are ready and willing to do the inner work that is required then you can have better life experiences. If you desire deeper, more loving relationships, then you can create that for yourself. If you truly want to be the most authentic version of yourself, you can be.

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Some Outcomes of Transformation Life Coaching 

  • increased self-assurance and higher confidence levels
  • the ability to choose how you will respond to life events instead of reacting negatively without control
  • living life with more positive feelings like calmness, contentment, peacefulness, joy, freedom, love and fulfilment
  • experiencing more energy and vitality in your body as a result of resolving and letting go of your past emotions
  • taking back mastery of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours
  • having emotional intelligence to experience mature, respectful and loving relationships

Skills and Strengths

  • Help you develop your awareness in order to better understand why you do the things you do so that you can change your negative behaviours and patterns
  • Assist you in processing and releasing your pent-up emotions and past thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck in repeating sabotaging patterns
  • Provide a safe and compassionate space to teach you effective tools to get you finding and letting go of the root causes of all your procrastination, low self-esteem, perpetual anxiety and feelings of hopelessness and defeat
  • Show you how to find your innate wisdom and peace when overwhelm and stress get on top of you
  • Help you realize your wholeness and live consciously through your whole being- Body, Mind and Life force

Professional Qualifications and Credentials

  • Master Transformation Coach and Master Life Coach (Transformation Coaching Academy)
  • NLP Practitioner (Transformation Coaching Academy)
  • Over 2 000 hours of direct coaching experience
  • In business for over 5 years 

What clients have to say

Genall Moodley- 5 STARS

This journey has truly been a transformation and I am eternally grateful to Tracey for her kindness, patience and providing the most invaluable tools, that have become integrated into my daily life. It has been an eye-opening and empowering experience, that has truly changed the course of my life, how I view myself and the world around me. I am more present, happy and I see the value in each and every experience and how it fuels my own growth. Thank you Tracey, I’m beyond grateful for having you guide me along this journey.

Mackie Khanyile5 STARS

What an amazing programme, awesome experience! Tracey was exceptional. Thank you so much for taking me on this incredible journey!

Bianca – 5 STARS

Tracey helped me remember the truth. She has given me a most powerful tool of self-inquiry, and I am forever grateful. My gratitude is beyond that which words can express. The course is truly well put together, and tailored to one’s individual needs and character. Tracey was able to accommodate my schedule with ease. The venue is easy to access, safe and secure. I believe that the value for money is excellent. Having used multiple different coaches, therapists, healers and gurus over the past 10 years, Tracey has given me a technique to make me most independent and self-sufficient.

Debbie – 5 STARS

Highly recommended course for everyone to see life clearer which results in a more enjoyable life experience with more understanding of one’s own mind and how best to achieve every life goal.

Ramith – 5 STARS

Tracey’s professionalism and guidance has truly changed my life. I have awoken from a deep sleep and am now experiencing life to the fullest – thanks to Clear Seeing Transformations!

Alastair Jubber – 5 STARS

An informative and productive programme which can give practical and relevant ways to direct your life in a positive and enlightened way provided you are willing and open to do the work yourself.

Christine Mitchell – 5 STARS

I highly recommend seeing Tracey for coaching. It’s a real eye opener and it will change how you see yourself and everything around you for the better. Glad I took the opportunity to see her.

Sandesh Ranjith – 5 STARS

I highly recommend Tracey as a life coach. Working with Tracey was a life changing experience. She helped me to reach new heights and finally succeed long-standing goals. She is extremely personable and has the ability to connect with her clients quickly and to begin work with them at whatever stage they’re in at the time. She is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide through life experiences in pursuit of goals and dreams. She also offers good value and high integrity. Her techniques allow your strengths to be realized, your journey to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I was so pleased at the structure and focus of each session. She’s the complete package, focused, reflective, practical, productive, and supportive.

Kerry Murray – 5 STARS

I knew I wanted to take this journey but finding the right person was paramount for me. It took me 6 months before the universe brought Tracey into my life, quite unexpectedly. My first session with Tracey was like meeting a kindred spirit. That Tracey had walked this road herself and had dug deep allowed her to facilitate my transformation with authenticity and deep care. I felt immediately that I could trust Tracey and those 2-hour sessions became a safe space for exploration and growth. This was by far one of the best investments I have ever made and I’m forever grateful for Tracey’s wisdom and practical advice.

Ushir Mehta – 5 STARS

I would recommend her coaching to anyone looking to understand themselves and the world a bit better and to get to grips with whatever issues you are having trouble with. Tracey has an uncanny way of explaining deep, complex matters in a very easy to understand way so that you can discover your own inner self. I would recommend Tracey and Clear Seeing Transformations to anyone looking to improve their lives.

Sinegugu Shange – 5 STARS

I am much grateful for meeting Tracey Kennedy and having her as my life coach. In a time of immense depression in my life, Tracey has taught me so much through her programme that provides so much valuable knowledge, tools and techniques that allow you to be so self-empowered and be above the deepest and hardest situations. Thank you, Tracey.


– Before doing this course, I was totally depressed, full of self- pity, angry, fearful, disappointed, let down by the people I cared for and loved. I had no zest for life. Now I feel free and I have no regrets. No feelings of disappointment, no anger, I am not afraid. My mood has totally lifted up. The tools and the lessons learnt during this course has really changed my way of thinking. I am happy, I have started to sing and dance and have so much of brightness on my face that I have been getting a lot of compliments too.
Tracey is fantastic. She has a lot of patience, is very efficient, very polite and on time. She has good teaching skills. Her notes are very clear and easily understood. She builds a good relationship with u and checks on u even after the course which is a good support system.

Thank u so much Tracey for coaching me in looking at life differently. This course has changed my way of thinking and in turn has given me a new lease in life.

– I was depressed with no hope, I couldn’t see my way through my darkest pit. I was going through so much pain and confusion and wanted something beyond therapy and anti-depressant that kept numbing my mind but increasing my pain. I was on my worst that I have ever been in life. Now that I’ve done the program, I feel light. I feel alive and more enlightened about life than I have ever been. I feel empowered and confident in myself and life itself. I cannot start to describe the amount of knowledge I had acquired and realization of who I am. It feels like my whole life I had been in the darkest, vicious forest and now the rays of light shines through and lights the whole forest. With the tools I have acquired that will keep lighting my path and pass it on to my generation. This program is the best thing that can happen to anyone. The BEST thing that has happened to me.  The patience, the giving in Tracey is out of this world. I will keep her as my guardian angel my life. Tracey’s guidance help you go beneath and beyond your normal expectation. She became my light in the dark. Her knowledge, professionalism, punctuality had taken my heart and will always live within me.

– Before the programme I felt as if my life was in a downwards spiral that I had no control of. Everything felt heavy and I struggled to find the energy to just get out of bed in the morning. I felt weak and like a victim of my own life, every day I would hope for my circumstances to change. Now I feel much lighter and happier. I know that I am a powerful person who has control over my life. I know that my reality does not equal my truth and I am finally back on my journey to find my own truth. This course has helped me immensely in ways I did not expect, it has given me the greatest tool, being able to help myself.
Tracey is such a wonderful person; she is both caring and professional. I felt safe with her as my coach and that was very important to me. Her win – win approach is truly amazing. I can honestly say that her course has changed my life and helped me to see and break unhealthy patterns that I was perpetuating for a long time. I would strongly recommend her course for anyone who feels as if they are struggling in their life.

 – I came for life coaching because I was angry and believed the world and everyone around me owed me an explanation or an apology. I was always the victim and always ready to defend myself no matter who got hurt in the process. I was walking around this life in zombie mode not fully present and aware of my thoughts, my actions, or my surroundings. I have been on a journey that has opened my eyes to who I AM. This programme helped me wake up and be conscious of myself internally in ways that are true and pure. It helped me understand my emotions and their true purpose for me in this life. It feels like being made to see something and now I cannot unsee it and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I can without a doubt say that I am in a much better position now than when I first started this programme and it’s because I made a decision and choice to do the work. Tracey is phenomenal. On a coaching level she is very professional, organised and structures her sessions precisely. She pays true attention to her client’s needs and really helps you understand the truth of why you are where you are at this point in your life and how to wake up and take your control back. On a human level she is warm and welcoming with an amazing sense of humour. When in session you can be sure you will retain a lot of information because of her coaching style which I can only describe as true and genuine. Tracey really connects with you in a way that you will be able to understand and she will always be honest with you. I couldn’t have chosen a better coach to work with and I honestly believe my path was destined to find her at some point in my life. You won’t regret coming to her for help.

The programme changed my life drastically; I am now able to engage life from a different perspective and I have never been so present. Everyday shows what I have to be grateful for and I am now able to take on new challenges without hesitation or fears. Living life in my presence is the biggest change I have inherited from this programme. The reason for me reaching out to Tracey was because my fears and anxiety were spiralling out of control. I had become so consumed with all my beliefs that I lost faith in myself because of it. Growing up I had always wanted and wished for storybook fairy tales but my expectations in people were always too high which then left room for me to always feel let down. I had been running myself down and allowing people to run all over me, I had become a “sheep”. I felt weak, I was having uncontrollable panic attacks and I had become fearful of life. Since completing this course, I have regained control of myself, I now live life for me. Every day brings new challenges and now I am willing and ready to deal with them. If you put in the time, you definitely reap the benefits, I won’t pretend that after this programme I am living my best life but it definitely has giving me the tools to get there and just be at my true self. I am very happy with the results this program has given me. Tracey is a very kind person and it wasn’t easy for me to go back into the world without her. I am so grateful to her because she allowed me to feel whole again. She passed on life fundamentals that I will always hold close to me. She will always be my go-to person. I will always be thankful to her.

– I did a life coaching programme with Tracey because I was filled with anxiety because a lot had started resurfacing due to past traumas that hadn’t been dealt with. I just wanted peace. I am not one to take medication because I feel like it gives you temporary relief and I was looking for permanent peace. I was ready to overcome my past traumas. Since doing this programme I am more aware and pay attention to my body and mind. I am on the road to letting go of all the beliefs I have that are steering me away from truth. I have learnt some much about myself through this programme and I am so excited to get back to my true self where the peace is. I am truly grateful to Tracey for the tools she has given me to let go of the beliefs that are causing me to continue living as my false self. Tracey is such a happy soul who I appreciate very much. I absolutely loved seeing her because she’s all about helping people help themselves and that’s what I wanted and needed. She is really loving and so down to earth.

-I used to be full of anger and judgement. I was always anxious and I took everything personally. I lived a life of fear and I held on to the past. I was scared to try new things because I always thought about failure. Now I am excited about life and what it has to offer. I have learnt to let go of the beliefs that have held me hostage for a very long time. I am learning to let go of the past, one day at a time. The anxiety has subsided and I feel so much calmer now. I am no longer scared to go out there and live my best life. Tracey is very friendly and welcoming. She is patient and she puts things into perspective with her teachings. I like the fact that she doesn’t spoon feed you, she lets you do the work and is always ready to assist should a challenge present itself.

 – When I started the programme, I was like someone walking on two roads and not knowing which one I am on. But now, somewhere within myself the seed has sprouted. I can feel its movement and I can sense it’s energy. Within myself the rainfall has reached me and my desert has gone, my dryness has disappeared. My coach to me, you are the light that lightened the deep darkness. You are a listener not with ears but with a heart. I found you, as a woman, to be very deep in understanding another person, in particular, helping me to understand the beauty in myself when I thought I had lost everything about myself.

Treadridge Portion 33 of Castle End Farm, No. 15591 Drakensberg Gardens Road Underberg 3257