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Michael Heuermann

Time to Think Coach / Life & Leadership Thinking Partner

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Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

021 788 1508

083 511 0774

Southern Suburbs, Cape Town, South Africa

Time to Thinkā„¢ Coach with a twist

Thinking Partner / Intelligence & Leadership Development /
Integral Life Learning / Shadow Work

Do any of the following quotes speak to you:

  • “The quality of all our actions depends on the quality of the thinking that precedes them.” Nancy Kline
  • “Heightening awareness often means slowing people and the process down.”
    Jonno Hanafin, Gestalt OD
  • “Change comes from being more fully who or what you are, not from trying to be different.” Paradoxical Theory of Change

If they do then my approach to coaching may interest you too.
As your Thinking Partner I create a safe and challenging space that allows you to:

  • Think independantly and radically for yourself
  • Understand yourself and others better
  • Understand and overcome limiting patterns
  • Have better relationships with yourself and others
  • Explore your inherent leadership
  • Become more authentic in your life and your work
  • Learn new skills and competencies

I offer you attention, ease, equality, encouragement and appreciation, while respecting diversity, allowing feelings to be expressed and asking questions that challenge the assumptions you have about yourself and the world.

My role as Coach is to help you to think for yourself, not to do your thinking for you. The issues and questions you bring to the coaching sessions are best addressed and explored by you. I will offer you my insights and perspectives only after you have had sufficient time to come up with your own ideas thoroughly, and only if you specifically ask me to. The session is successful if your ideas, directions, insights, questions and feelings are all better than mine would have been had I offered them through advice, directive questions, or reaction.


From my distant past I hold a degree in engineering (University of Cape Town), In 2007 I completed by Diploma in Practioner Coaching (The Coaching Centre) and was certified as a Time to Think coach in 2009. I have also trained or had exposure to the methodologies of shadow work, mindfulness, Jungian archetypes, integral theory, process work and Gestalt OD.


Clients I have enjoyed working with include entrepreneurial ventures like Fuel Design and Haldane Martin, and corporate executives in Investec, Santam, SA Breweries, Coega Development Corporation, Metropolitan and others.

Southern Suburbs, Cape Town, South Africa