Theodore Petrus – TSP Life Skills Training and Life Coaching

Business Coach

Uitenhage, Vanes Estate

PhD; MA; BA Honours; BA; Executive and Management Coaching Certificate; Life Coaching Certificate

072 284 3156



72 Strydom Avenue, Vanes Estate, Uitenhage, South Africa

COACHING SPECIALISATION: Executive/Leadership, Academic, Business and Career Coach for Executives, Business Owners and Professionals 

COACHING QUALIFICATIONS: Certified Executive and Management Coach (UCT) Certified Life Coach (Trifocus Fitness Academy)

PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION: Registered member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa)

PREFERRED NICHE/CLIENT BASE: Executives, Business Owners, Academic Leaders, Masters and/or PhD Students, Early-Career Academics, Career Professionals

PERSPECTIVES: I use a results-oriented hybrid approach based on a combination of the GROW model and several other coaching approaches. 

COACHING PROCESS:  I provide 1-2 free initial consultations to take the client through a demo coaching conversation (and a follow-up conversation, if necessary), in order to experience a typical coaching session with me. I focus on the following 3 aspects:

  • What the client wants to achieve (goals, results, outcomes)
  • What the client wants to avoid (challenges, obstacles, painpoints)
  • What the client’s next steps could be (action plan, strategy)

I’ll then make some recommendations that the client will immediately be able to implement, and achieve results in the short term, whether the client chooses to continue to work with me or not.

If the client is a good fit, I will also recommend which of my coaching packages will be the best option for the client, and explain why in relation to how it will help the client to BOTH achieve the desired results, AND avoid the challenges preventing progress. If the client agrees that the proposed package will be valuable, I will then invite the client to enroll for the selected coaching package, that can range from a 30-day package to a 12-month package, depending on how fast the client wants to get results. 

Here is a summary of the steps the client will take from the initial conversation to enrollment:

Step 1: Initial demo coaching conversation

Step 2: Client decides on recommended coaching package (if client is a good fit)

Step 3: Client makes the investment and buys the package

Step 4: Client completes the enrollment process and signs the client agreement

Step 5: Client schedules the first formal coaching session

PURPOSE: I help my clients to get results by prioritising their focus, so that they can achieve their goals and avoid the challenges/obstacles standing in the way.


Testimonials available on request.