Theodore Petrus – TSP Life Skills Training and Life Coaching

Business Coach

Uitenhage, Vanes Estate

PhD; MA; BA Honours; BA; Executive and Management Coaching Certificate; Life Coaching Certificate

072 284 3156



72 Strydom Avenue, Vanes Estate, Uitenhage, South Africa

COACHING SPECIALISATION: Business and Executive Coach for Small Business Executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs (I work with both men and women business owners, though I tend to focus more on women business owners/executives/entrepreneurs)

PREFERRED NICHE/CLIENT BASE: I primarily provide coaching services for clients in the small business/entrepreneurship markets. My ideal clients in the business/entrepreneurship market include small business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, Executive Directors and Executive Managers.

PERSPECTIVES: I am a trained professional coach, as well as an online and traditional entrepreneur. I follow a solution-oriented approach. Thus, my coaching philosophy is based on the Socratic method, in which I believe that the client already has the solution to his/her challenge, but may require some guidance and targeted questioning to bring the solution to the fore. This method enables critical self-reflection, which is the key to unlocking the client’s potential to uncover solutions. It also develops the client’s self-confidence in finding his/her own solutions, and it enables the client to take ownership and accountability for his/her own business or leadership success.

COACHING PROCESS: I follow a 5-step coaching process which involves the following steps:

  1. Clarify the client’s vision, goal or direction
  2. Strategise the appropriate actions to be taken
  3. Identify what skills the client needs to upgrade
  4. Help the client to optimise his/her environment
  5. Help the client to master his/her psychology

I typically have an introductory session with a prospective client free of charge, in order to provide some coaching, and to determine the prospective client’s compatibility with any of my relevant programmes. If found to be a good fit, I will then have a conversation about which programme would be the most effective, and then the investment that the programme would require.

Typically I provide two types of programmes/packages:

  1. One-on-one coaching for 6 months (Premium package – R5000 investment)
  2. One day intensive/VIP day package (one day of coaching [approx. 8 hours] – R1000 investment)