Getti Mercorio

Personal, team and relationship coach

Greenside, Johannesburg

083 325 1342

14 Quimet St, Greenside, Randburg, South Africa

With more than 30 years’ experience in a range of organisations, Getti Mercorio brings a wealth of knowledge in both organisational and people development as well as in financial sustainability. Drawing on his Social Science Masters degree from UCT, Getti has developed expertise in a variety of leadership roles as senior manager, project leader, facilitator and consultant.

In 2008, Getti completed his initial coach training at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. He is a certified Organisational and Relationships Systems (ORSC) coach, and holds the Graduate Diploma in Ontological Coaching. He is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and is credentialed by Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA).

Based in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, Getti works as an individual, relationship, team and executive coach. His focus is on enabling people to harness their inner resources, life and work experience – their way of being – and to use this as a foundation for further personal and professional growth.

His individual coaching focus is on:

  • supporting the ongoing personal development of his clients. Getti skilfully assists his clients to clarify their objectives and to work consciously and intentionally towards achieving them.

His relationship coaching involves

  • working with couples, business and professional partners to communicate individual and shared values, future vision and goals effectively and enhance relationships.
  • assisting partners to understand each other more explicitly and to become more conscious of the different roles they could fulfil to optimise both the relationship as well as its outputs.

Team coaching

With an avid interest in diversity in the workplace and the challenges this can present, Getti offers team coaching for groups of varying sizes. Informed by systems theory, team coaching is a highly effective tool with many positive outcomes, which result in improved focus and productivity. This includes:

  • a deeper understanding of other people’s contexts, values and attitudes
  • the facilitation of informed goal-setting
  • enhanced communication
  • greater sharing of a common vision
  • reduced conflict

The speed and complexity of contemporary life requires resilient, thoughtful people, who are able to demonstrate flexibility, agility and imagination and are able to adapt to and thrive in multiple, ever-changing contexts. Coaching can help to reveal hidden strengths, under-utilised talents and new possibilities for thought-through action.

Skills development of young people is another area in which Getti has extensive experience. From the work-readiness stage to the early years in the world of work, Getti is passionate about coaching young people who are undertaking articles, internships and learnerships to become successful in the workplace and their careers.

Most importantly, Getti builds confidential, supportive and non-judgemental coaching relationships. By skilfully asking questions that generate insight, a measurable improvement can be attained in job performance, interpersonal effectiveness and self-confidence.