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Dr Nozi Mjoli

Professional and Personal Development Coach

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Faerie Glen & Centurion, Pretoria

BSc Hons (Fort Hare University) and a PhD in Microbiology (Notre Dame University, USA)

082 896 5503

Faerie Glen, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

Qualifications and Training

I have a PhD in Microbiology from Notre Dame University, USA and a Corporate Coaching Certificate from the University of Cape Town.  I am a personal and professional transformation coach. I am also an accredited Enneagram Practitioner for individual and team coaching (Integrative Enneagram Solutions).

Coaching model 

My coaching model uses the Enneagram personality typing framework as a personal and professional transformation tool for helping clients to improve their emotional intelligence and find their unique path to success, wealth and happiness. I have developed a success coaching toolkit which starts with the Enneagram personality typing to help clients to improve their self-awareness, identify their unique talents, strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, fears, defences and to understand how the individual’s Enneagram personality type influences the relationship with money and wealth. The second component of the success toolkit focuses on the Law of Attraction which is the most powerful universal law that can help anyone to manifest one’s desires. The third component focuses on the power of thoughts, beliefs and emotions in the achievement of personal and professional success.

 The following formula shows three powerful factors required for the manifestation of success and a life of abundance:

Positive thoughts + Empowering beliefs + Positive emotional state = SUCCESS AND A LIFE OF ABUNDANCE

It is important to note that the above-mentioned three factors are within one’s control.

The emission of negative energy leads to the manifestation of failure and a life of scarcity which is characterized by poverty, missed opportunities and setbacks

Negative thoughts + Limiting beliefs + Negative emotional state = FAILURE AND SETBACKS

Again all these 3 factors are within one’s control

 My aim is to support my clients to become masters of their destiny and to create a life of success, abundance and happiness. The most important messages that I want to inculcate in the minds of my clients is: “You create your reality with your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

I offer a 4- 6-month success coaching programme for my clients (individual virtual sessions). All clients are required to complete an Enneagram Personality assessment questionnaire using the Integrative Enneagram Solutions online questionnaire. The Enneagram Personality typing report serves as a baseline for personal and professional development because it identifies one’s developmental areas.


I coach professional women who want to be proactive in creating opportunities for their personal and professional advancement to top leadership positions. I teach them powerful strategies for advancing their careers from middle management to top leadership positions. I focus on making women aware that they have power to overcome negative gender and racial stereotypes and become successful leaders of public and private sector organizations. 

My personal experience of navigating my career advancement to top management as a black woman in a male dominated workplace has taught me a lot of lessons on approaches that work. I am motivated to coach women because I believe that I have a better insight of factors that can support professional black women to position themselves for advancement to top leadership positions within a shorter period and also to help women who want to establish their own sustainable businesses based on my 20 years of experience in running my own business. 

I am keen to coach women who have relevant qualifications and a strong desire to advance to top  leadership positions but are being overlooked for promotion to these positions and women who want to make major career changes but are too scared to make the move because they lack self-confidence. During my many years as an employee, I have made major career changes (from High school teacher to senior academic, Executive Research Director, and MD of my own company). This experience has taught me the importance of taking more career risks even if one’s is not feeling 100% ready as long as if one is passionate about the job on offer and  willing to learn and work hard. I believe that women are capable of being great leaders if they believe in themselves and they refuse to allow self-doubt, fear and lack of confidence to stop their advancement to top leadership positions.

Work experience

My work experience spans more than 40 years as a teacher, senior academic, executive research director, managing director of my own Consulting and Coaching Company which I established in 2003 and I have also served as a non-executive Board Director for six State Owned Entities and chair  of one these Boards. I have extensive experience in strategic leadership positions at national and international water sector organisations such as the Water Research Commission, SA National Water Advisory Council, Global Water Partnership, World Humanity Action Trust (UK) and the World Bank –Water &Sanitation Programme. I am also a member of the International Women’s Forum –South Africa (IWFSA). I have also completed a sanitation consultancy for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation using South Africa (Ethekwini Metro) and Zambia (Lusaka city) as sanitation case stuies. My interest in empowering professional women inspired me to write a book entitled: “Embracing gender diverse leadership for innovation in the 21st century”. I am currently preparing to publish a book on: “The Power of a Changed Mindset to Success – “Whatever you believe you become”. Its aim is to show people that everyone is born with an inherent power to achieve success and greatness.

Contact details

If you are an ambitious professional woman who believes that you are destined for greatness, let me show you how to use the most powerful universal Law of Attraction to achieve your personal and professional success goals and manifest your destiny.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule a virtual consultation session to learn more about my coaching programme.

My contact details: Cell 082 896 5503; E-mail:

Faerie Glen, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa