nniDialogue Institute

Systemic Coaching & Systemic Dialogue Facilitation

nni is a not-for-profit organisation, bringing to the world inclusive and healing processes through systemic dialogue, facilitation, training, coaching and leadership. Our most important fulcrum of change is our TRAINING. Our training is provided by nniDialogue Institute, nni’s sister organisation, partner and trusted provider to the nni’s mission.

nniDialogue Institute (nniDI) has an international and inclusive faculty of masterful trainers and facilitators. We train groups and individuals (public and in-house) in the art of facilitation, systemic coaching and inclusive/systems leadership underpinned by the nniMethodology and accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation).

nniDI drives nni’s mission of inclusive systemic transformation by offering scholarships to qualifying individuals who are committed to become nniAgents of Transformation. In turn nni provides a powerful platform for students to gain their practicum hours whilst supporting communities to heal.

Our purpose is to equip people as systemic facilitators and coaches to lead transformative processes that reveal all voices, however diverse so that even the most marginalised are truly seen and heard. We empower the world to work with complexity and diversity in an inclusive and transformative way. Join us and drive real and inclusive transformation.