Marjorie Daniel

Executive Coach, Burn out Strategist

I coach people who blaze their own trail and require support and accountability for their journey. I support my clients in achieving their full potential and as a result they work with ease and joy.

My coaching philosophy is that the client has all the answers. Recently a client described my coaching in a metaphor “I had all the firelighters in my hands and required a spark to start my fire, you provided that spark for me.”

Areas where I excel in supporting others:

  • How to never experience burn out again
  • Improving your efficiency through courageous conversations
  • How to align your day to day life with your values and purpose

I’m a Professionally Certified Coach (+500H of experience), accredited with the International Coaching Federation. My background includes working as a manager and business analyst in corporate companies in the FMCG, Retail and Logistics industries like Colgate Palmolive. In 2018 I left corporate and used the opportunity to take a year sabbatical to travel the world and explore.

I am a bit of an intrepid explorer and here’s a list of activities that might be interesting to the fellow adventurers: PADI certified Open water scuba diving instructor, hiking, cycling, trail running, surfer, free diving …

When I’m not coaching or exploring I dedicate time to two causes that are very close to my heart:

  • Youth mentoring in South Africa
  • Lifeline

My approach

In a confidential setting, free of judgement, I support you in overcoming your obstacles and enjoy the path you’re on by rooting what we discuss to your core values, motivations, strengths, interests and learning style.

Getting Started

Step 1: Complimentary 45-minute Coaching Consultation session!
Step 2: Three sessions to start, designed around your objectives. You’ll experience the full range of my support, while achieving tangible results. .
Step 3: A free review session that covers my recommendations for ongoing support, if needed. There is no further obligation beyond this point

I support clients remotely via various platforms. To schedule a consult please visit


  • Colgate Palmolive
  • Hills Pet Food
  • Clicks Retailers
  • Nedbank
  • Medical Research Council
Areas of Expertise
  • Burn out & stress management
  • Resilience
  • Energy management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • First 90 days in a new role
  • Career Coaching
  • Personal performance coaching
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Transitions from specialist to leadership
  • Building psychological safety in teams
  • Personal branding
  • Spiritual Intelligence
  • Mentor coach
  • Transition coach
  • Somatic coach


“My experience with Marjorie was amazing. Prior to working with Marjorie I was going through a terrible break-up, unhappy at work and basically depressed . My sessions with Marjorie greatly changed my life, since then I was encouraged to see a Dr about my mental health and got the help I needed, improved my emotional intelligence and got to know myself like I’ve never before. I still use her advice to this day and have been able to grow immensely both in my professional and personal life.” Carla S, 30, Cape Town

“Marjorie is a truly warm and caring human – qualities that really come through in her coaching sessions and style. I felt safe, supported and challenged by my sessions with her.” Lee-Anne S, 40, London

“My experience with Marjorie was extremely positive. Not only did she help me find focus and direction on what I wanted to do. But because of her guidance I have found my niche and I am currently really enjoying what I am doing.” Liam B, 23, Cape Town

“I cannot describe in words how much Marjorie helped me. She was friendly, professional, caring and full of wonderful ideas and advice. If you are feeling slightly lost or very lost or don’t know how to handle something or take the next big step, I guarantee you that Marjorie will be able to guide you through it, helping you realize and see the things right there in front of you. She is the spark you need to relight the burning light within you.” Kristi E, entrepreneur, Cape Town

“Before I started with my coaching I was always pleasing people. People used me. After my sessions I became more assertive and learnt to say no to people. Since then I’ve grown personally. Coaching had a positive impact on my life.” Donieta Wyngaard, 50, Banking, Cape Town

“Marjorie helped me through a very dark time in my life – something that I have never experienced before and therefore would not have known how to deal with it. I especially like the fact that her coaching was practical, as she gave me things to do to help overcome situations and those teaching stuck by me and still today I use them. Her kind and helpful nature really allowed me to trust her in being able to open up about my life. Her availability, even just over a text message, was really appreciated in times of need. Her coaching room is welcoming and made me feel safe, and her patience was definitely noticed. I overcame my struggles in a shorter amount of time than I thought I could.” Andrea J, 19, student, Cape Town

“Marjorie is a wonderful coach. She is warm and caring but her questions are very powerful. She give wonderful space in her sessions to process and answer the questions she asks. She creates a container in her sessions where you feel safe and held. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needed to be coached, as she works with you to create profound and lasting change in your life. You begin to see and love yourself again.” Molly, Durban

“I met Marjorie in 2015 on our PCC coach training course, and we instantly clicked. We buddy-coached each other over the 12 months of the course, and because the coaching was so productive, we have continued to work with, and support, each other. I have direct experience of Marjorie’s coaching through our buddy coaching, as well as observing her coaching other students on the course, and its like watching poetry in motion. True to her analytical nature Marjorie researches topics of interest in great depth and as a result she has an extensive toolset available to her when working with clients, and she courageously tries them out on herself too. She always has interesting and illuminating things to talk about. Her creative approach to, and experience of, somatic coaching and spirituality have been of particular interest to me, so much so that I invited her to be the guest speaker at my monthly coaching circle. Marjorie has incredible intuition and insights, and has helped me shift from many a stuck place over the years. She coaches with compassion while being able to maintain her objectivity and practical approach” Fiona W, Johannesburg