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Elona Loni Gildenhuys - Psychologist Coach Online

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Masters degree in Clinical Psychology; Accredited ICMC (Internal Meta-Coach)

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134 Rabie Street, Meyerspark, Pretoria, South Africa

I am a qualified Clinical Psychologist and certified Internal Meta Coach. I find that this combination, and with more than 19 years’ experience, contributes to my multidimensional coaching style. I am cognisant and respectful of the complexities that each individual brings into the coaching space.

I see coaching as an investigative exploration and my role is to assist you in identifying current and past obstacles that are limiting your choices of effective behaviour. Coaching is a tool to help you in becoming more creative and affirmed in your understanding of yourself. It assists you to change some of the frames you use when you view the world and others that could be tripping you in some situations.

Whilst practising psychology, I was introduced and drawn to the corporate world due to its energy, pace and opportunity to coach leaders. I also enjoyed the different dynamics when working with teams. Later on, as part of my own learning curve and appreciation of the complexities of the demands of a corporate environment, I discovered the value of taking time for reflection. Due to our fast pace and time pressures, we neglect to do it more often. Coaching creates the space to do that, using the coach as a soundboard. To reflect on and explore the impasses we experience.

I came to understand that fundamental to a meaningful life is mindfulness. Being aware of what this moment brings to you instead of wasting energy on what has gone or worrying about what might never even happen! Our mind is always active and we feel compelled to be busy all the time or else we could be deemed as not adding value. Our mind also often uses distractions and so we could lose opportune moments by not giving it our full attention.

Life might throw at us unexpected curveballs or uncertainties and we should engage in the fullness of these ‘catastrophes’ as much as we engage in the celebrations of the wonderful moments. It is part of our journey and the role we need to take up and own. How we play our part shapes us beyond our names and our titles.

I use various techniques in coaching which ranges from 

  • psychometric assessments, 
  • dream analysis and
  • experiential learning.

I use various techniques in coaching which ranges from psychometric assessments, dream analysis and experiential learning. I believe mindfulness leadership should be seen as a core competency for leaders of the future. Through developing mindfulness, one develops a greater awareness of what is happening now. Parents, partners and leaders can obtain more capabilities and compassion to engage with the world. This position causes one to respond rather to react.

Mindless decisions and actions eventually take a lot of time and energy to try and correct and do damage control. Sounds familiar?

Life happens moment by moment and it is up to you to make it count for you in your relation to the world.

Professional Qualifications

  • Masters degree in Clinical Psychology
  • Accredited ICMC (Internal Meta-Coach)
  • GROW model
  • Neuro-semantics
  • 8-week mindfulness stress reduction

134 Rabie Street, Meyerspark, Pretoria, South Africa