Zoe Loeve

Lifestyle and Life Skills Coach


BCom Honours Industrial Psychology, NLP and life coaching, Executive coaching, Adventures in Wisdom Kids Coaching

083 256 4392





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Through my own journey and experience with people from all walks of life, I know too well how important it is to receive guidance and support in developing habits for success from a young age.

I am an NLP practitioner, Life and Executive coach with a B.Com Honours Industrial Psychology and 17 years experience in working with people. Having gained a wealth of experience in working with people of all ages in a number of industries I found my passion in guiding and supporting kids, teens and young adults in navigating life’s challenges and achieving their purpose.

My passion for people, their well-being and personal development led me to establish Fit4Purpose, with a vision to provide life skills and lifestyle coaching and workshops that facilitate mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual growth.

Being a Certified Life and Kids Coach provides the platform to improve the lives of individuals through offering talks at schools, one-on-one coaching, workshops and holiday programmes that prepare kids, teens and parents for overcoming challenges and achieving their full potential.

Clients learn how to

  •  feel good about themselves
  •  the power of taking responsibility
  •  think for themselves and make decisions
  •  feel more in control of their lives
  •  face challenges that come their way and reach their full potential
  •  live with integrity and respect for themselves and others
  •  manage change and thrive in new circumstances
  •  develop a mindset for creating success and achieving goals
  •  be more empowered to handle the ups and downs of becoming/being an adult

I have a strong interest in wellness, realizing that there is a need for more than education in order to create new habits around health inspired my interest in behavior change coaching. I now focus on lifestyle solutions and life skills coaching to proactively improve the lives of individuals.

Through kids coaching, children learn powerful mindset and life skills that are critical for creating happiness, confidence and success in their lives. Supporting learning through exciting stories, creative activities and play.

My experience with young adults provides the platform to improve the lives of teens through offering talks at schools, one-on-one coaching, workshops and holiday programmes that prepare them for overcoming challenges of being a teen and achieving their full potential.

Coaching offered to adults includes a Lifestyle Assessment that measures stress, quality of sleep, physical activity and energy expenditure. Followed by an integrated personalized report and advice to eat and exercise right, manage stress, enhance recovery and improve resilience.