Patisa Nombakuse

Life Coach, Transformational Leadership Business & Personal Development Coach

Midrand, Centurion, Sandton

073 219 7144


Midrand, South Africa
Centurion, South Africa
Sandton, South Africa

When you know better you do better – Maya Angelou

I am a transformational coach, an agent of change identifying bottle necks and issues through problem solving techniques and thereby assisting clients to relearn and transform.

Patisa Nombakuse is a personal and business coach, she focuses on:

  • change,
  • transition,
  • personal development,
  • career and leadership transformation.

My primary expertise lies in Life Coaching, Leadership Development and Personal Growth coaching including Business coaching.

I specialize in understanding the business and personal drivers ensuring that your organization has the right people and the staff enjoy their role. I have tools and methods that will assist and that will help my clients to understand themselves better, I recommend self-awareness.

My approach is based on presenting issues and challenges both business and personal level, and growing purpose driven and performance goals.

I will help you in making changes in your personal life, achieving your goals and walk the journey with you in a company to drive productivity and performance. I work with values, purpose, and passion and steer you to live the life of your goals. My approach is based on authentic living and being true to yourself.


Patisa spent over 10 years in IT, doing IT auditing, in various organizations in a corporate environment. Having worked in different organisations, she understand what makes a good leader, and engaged team members. Personal development starts with you and you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Working across and within such diverse disciplines allows her to identify and understand key issues in the business world today, relate them to the clients business environment and work with the client toward a sustainable business of personal shift.

Sue completed her Life Coaching, Master & Business Coaching, NLP, and Relationship Coaching with success in 2018, she is member of COMENSA.

In addition she holds an MBA from Milpark Business School, Bcom Informatics with Honors from University of Pretoria and other qualifications in Auditing.

Midrand, South Africa
Centurion, South Africa
Sandton, South Africa