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Dr Marlet Tromp

Life, Executive & Business Coach

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Fairland, Randburg, Johannesburg

BASocSc (RAU), MASocSc (RAU), DlittetPhil (UJ)

082 951 2509

Fairland, Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Dr. Marlet Tromp is an experienced and professionally trained life, executive and business coach who  facilitates a coaching process for her clients to get to know themselves, make future directed decisions and take the required actions that will constitute significant and powerful change in their lives and businesses.

Marlet’s coaching is practical and action based. She works towards solutions that can be measured and that produce lasting results. Her success rate with clients is exceptionally high, owing to the good foundations her coaching practice is built on.

Life Coaching

• What is life coaching?

A life coach helps you confront and understand conditions in your personal life that obstruct your growth towards your full potential, and gives you tools to change the negatives into positives.

Life coaching differs from psychological therapy in that it is future orientated. It does not probe into your past to try to explain your feelings and beliefs, but is geared towards identifying actions that will take you where you want to be.

• Who needs coaching?

Quite frankly, everybody can benefit from coaching since it provides a safe, non-threatening opportunity to access within yourself the resources and solutions that you need to create a successful future. Clients may vary from ordinary people to the very affluent and top executives who all desire a better quality life but do not have the insight and objectivity to arrive at the solutions.

A life coach typically deals with issues such as life and career planning, motivation, self-esteem, relationships, productivity, delegation, conflict handling, leadership skills, time management, communication skills, assertiveness, problem solving, procrastination, lack of fulfilment, fears, and many others.

Executive Coaching

• What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is leadership and performance coaching. Perhaps you are a master in your field, have just been promoted to executive level and are unsure about the leadership challenges involved. Or you might be a seasoned executive but are finding it lonely at the top; you need a competent, objective sounding board to help clarify vital problems and challenges and reach a prudent solution. Perhaps you don’t know how to defuse a conflict situation at work; or you may feel the pressure of balancing your work and personal life and feel overwhelmed by your lack of time. Executive coaching will help you surmount your vulnerabilities and utilise your strengths in devising a plan of action.

Business Coaching

• What is business coaching?

The first goal of business coaching is to enable you to analyse your present situation and determine your future directions. It is a powerful process that unlocks the full potential of your business, develops your business performance and enhances your skills in the workplace.

Marlet focuses in her coaching practice on small and medium businesses. You don’t surrender your responsibility and role in your business to the coach, but are guided through a proven process to determine what steps and actions are indispensable to take your business to the next level.


When the complexities of leading, a team become too challenging, a workshop may be the answer. Workshops offer compact educational opportunities to work on specific problems. Marlet’s workshops are conducted at the request of a client and are tailor made to the specific needs of the organisation. Small groups enable practical initiatives and allow for personal attention by the coach. Team members are in a safe environment where they can fail without being judged. They learn practical strategies and skills that they can implement outside the workshop environment. The goal of any workshop is to create synergy in the company, in other words an interaction of staff members in such a way that their combined value and performance are greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Personal Profile

Marlet’s academic training, professional therapeutic and coaching experience and proven business success underpin her credibility and efficiency as a coach.

• Academic training & vocational experience

Marlet holds a D Litt et Phil degree from the University of Johannesburg with a doctoral thesis on Employee Empowerment in an Organisation. This is backed by a Master’s degree (cum laude) and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, both from Rand Afrikaans University. She has also done a Security Vetting Course through SA Military Intelligence College in Pretoria and completed her coach training through Success Factory, Johannesburg.

She is affiliated to the following professional associations: SA Council of Social Work (SACSSP), South African Association of Social Workers in Private Practice (SAASWIPP), and Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (Comensa).

As a former social worker she has extensive experience in therapy sessions with people in extreme life situations.

She has also done in-depth research and interviews for the Gauteng Department of Social Development on the topic of Youth in Conflict with the Law, as well as comprehensive security clearance interviews for Armscor from 1996 to 1998. Her research and experience, coupled with training programs she presented in her field, have equipped her for her structured and insightful work as a coach.

Apart from managing her coaching practice, Marlet has for several years been the owner of a successful small retail business. She has competently managed the business through tough economic periods and knows what is required to grow a healthy, productive business.

Books, articles, papers and other achievements

Marlet is one of the contributors to the books Maak dit gebeur. Maak dat dit saak maak. Hier’s hoe! – ‘n Besluiteboek (Make it happen. Make it matter. Here’s how! – A book for decision making) and Gelukkige Jy, Gelukkige Gesin. (Happy You, Happy Family) published by Carpe Diem Publishers in 2019 and 2020.

Several articles by Marlet on employee empowerment have been published in academic journals. Destiny Magazine has requested her input on articles connected to small business management and she has contributed to Management Today and Business Woman Magazine. General interest magazines, including Finesse and Eastern Times, regularly contact her for an expert opinion on a variety of business and personal matters.

Marlet on more than one occasion took part in live discussions on the SABC3 programme 3Talk with Noeleen and has been a regular guest on radio programmes on RSG where she has discussed topics such as Stress and road anger and How to find your passion in life. With Chai FM she participated in a talk about life coaching.

She has presented various papers at conferences, among which Indicators of female empowerment at an international conference in Amsterdam. She has refereed three articles for The International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations and has adjudicated five research projects for the Department of Social Development.

• Award

COMENSA, the umbrella association for Coaches and Mentors of South Africa, awarded Marlet the Certificate of Coaching Excellence for Coach of the Year in 2014.

Marlet doesn’t make empty promises to her clients. She is a realistic but empathic coach who helps you set achievable goals and gives you tools to use for many years to come. The criterion for her personal success is your growth and the progressive changes in your life or business.

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Fairland, Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa