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Stephanie Moss

Life Coach

I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming in Durban who helps clients free themselves from unwanted behaviour and limiting beliefs so they can do what they want to do, have what they want to have and be who they want to be.

At the end of your coaching journey, you will:

  • Know what you want and how to get it
  • Know how to free yourself from feeling “stuck”
  • Have the tools to change your limiting beliefs
  • Be able to take charge of your life


  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming since 2008 (AHT, Cape Town)
  • Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Energy Re-sourcing TM
  • Masters (Management) & BA (Political Science) – Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

 Personal background:

As a daughter of a Dutch diplomat I caught the travel bug from an early age. I have lived all over the world but South Africa stole my heart and I immigrated to Durban in 2006. Since then I met and married my husband Michael who is an industrial property broker. We have two boys aged 7 and 4. Our lives have ups and downs like anyone else, we always try to keep it light by not taking ourselves too seriously.

 Coaching – The practicalities

We always start with an informal introduction session of an hour which costs R200. This allows me to understand your coaching needs, and for you to get clarity on what NLP can give you.

If you choose to continue after that, we schedule a Personal Breakthrough Session. This is an intensive coaching journey, which produces solid, tangible results.

Personal Breakthrough Session (PBS)

  • 8,5 hours of individual coaching
  • The PBS consists of one 3 hour session and two 2 hour sessions during the course of one week. Three weeks later, we do a follow up session of 1,5 hours to evaluate your progress.
  • During a PBS you will learn why you are stuck, and how to get unstuck.
  • You end up with a real AHA! feeling. Something you knew all along but couldn’t reach yourself. This is a good choice if you feel like you are “on the fence”. You want to jump over but you need help to do it.

I do my coaching from a quiet, private space at the Kemayu Health and Wellness Centre in Assagay. You will feel safe and at ease in a big comfy chair with a nice cup of coffee or tea and biscuits or fruit to nourish you while we work on the issues you want to deal with.

What you can expect from me is:

  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism
  • Respect

You can also expect to laugh a lot during the sessions, I believe you learn best through play.

Workshop facilitation includes

  • How to sell using NLP techniques
  • How to create internal motivation
  • Soft skills training

NLP Durban regularly hosts workshops such as the “Personal Breakthrough Workshop for Women”. Have a look at our FB page NLP Durban for further information.


Nicola Browne – Key Accounts Manager
I was in a deep and dark depression, when a friend asked if I had heard of NLP and gave me Stephanie’s card. Of course I’d heard of NLP, but apart from the name I only had a vague idea of what it meant. My mind was in total confusion, I had no idea how I was going to get out of the state that I was in, panic had set in showing itself in extreme anxiety. My energy was also extremely low.

I was extremely fortunate, from the very first session, I had major breakthroughs! No wonder Stephanie is called a Master Practitioner, even though she will insist that it is all you! The answers are all within us, the NLP process just takes our hand and guides us towards them. NLP is an extremely interactive form of therapy so sessions require hard work, honesty and courage. The various tools allow you to create a bit of space so you can view your situation with more objectivity giving you greater perspective and clarity. I was amazed at the speed that such profound transformation occurred.

I made major changes in my life, both personally and in my career. I am happy and feel far more in control of my life and the direction I am heading in. I am extremely aware that in times of need, gifts get presented to you, it is just up to you whether you accept them or not! I am thankful that I accepted NLP and my hugely inspiring Stephanie!”
Tammy – Student
“I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Personal Breakthrough Sessions and was pleasantly surprised. It has opened up a pathway to discovering more about who I really am and why I do the things I do. It’s a great starting off point and Stephanie shows the way with expertise and care.”

Kerry – Business Owner
“This was nothing I thought it would be, but everything I needed. Best thing I’ve ever done. Thank you for giving me a safe place and the tools I need.”

Bongiwe – Young Professional
“The Breakthrough has really opened up my possibilities. It’s been a priceless experience. I feel such relief, so light.”

Mohan – Business Owner
“This experience has taught me how to change the issues that were keeping me stuck.”

Tom  – Software Developer
I decided to try NLP for 2 reasons. Firstly I had read a lot about it on the internet but I never really understood exactly what it involved. Secondly, I felt frustrated with my career as I was not achieving goals that I had set myself. NLP has helped me to find the underlying cause of my frustrations and provided me with a set of tools with which I can deal with different situations I am faced with each day. It’s also taught me to approach situations from a different perspective, which I find very useful. I want to say thank you for your help. You made me feel really comfortable and were also patient with me.[ I am so grateful for that.]  Perhaps I can model you for improving my skills on creating rapport.   p.s. Thanks one more time. You are AWESOME !!!

Roderick Davey – Surfboard Shaper & Business Owner
For some time life and love had been handing me a raw deal, I became the victim of my circumstances…through a caring friend I heard about NLP, so I did some research and got a number to call… I met with Stephanie and started the NLP program with her. It wasn’t about being helped out of the hole, it was about being provided the tools to be able to climb out of it myself…
Today my depression doesn’t exist, my self confidence is at an all time high, I’m healthy and happy and have found the courage to start my own business and follow my dream. I use the tools that NLP taught me every day, they help me to create my own destiny, my own path…”

Sabrina Buys – Accountant & Business Owner
“Wow!! That is the way I am feeling! Stephanie Moss has changed my life. I was at breaking point and felt helpless and anxious all the time.   After one Breakthrough Session, Stephanie helped me to get rid of my guilt and self-doubt and give me back the confidence that I deserve.  I felt free when I realised that all the negativity I was feeling really did not have to be there and it was stopping me from looking past the next hour.   In the next two sessions she provided me with the tools to deal with any situation or feeling of anxiety.  I am now looking forward to my fourth and final session.

Stephanie was non-judgemental, kind, very warm and made me feel that I could trust her from the very beginning. I felt absolutely safe in the environment which she provided for me. Her knowledge and expertise is very inspiring.   It feels good to feel really happy and confident again.  I would highly recommend Stephanie Moss of NLP Durban.”

Gavin Buys – HR Expert & Business Owner
“Over the past 47 years, while I achieved pockets of excellence during my journey of life, I have never really lived the life I wanted which got me to the point of realizing that I am stuck, and that I urgently needed professional help. It was at this point that I searched for and found Stephanie Moss – Master NLP Practitioner in Durban. Having facilitated the first phase of the Breakthrough Sessions with me, she quickly helped me to realize certain things about myself that I was not aware of; assisted me to identify the source of my limitations that were preventing me from living the life I love; and provided me with tools to break through these blockages and master my subconscious mind. Just hours after completing the first phase of my Breakthrough Session, I attended a business meeting with a somewhat shrewd client yesterday, and used language with greater precision and clarity than I have ever used before which resulted in me influencing his decision positively in awarding business to my company.

Stephanie Moss created a very informal; flexible; non-judgmental and trusting atmosphere in dealing with me. This conducive atmosphere combined with her excellent knowledge and expertise in NLP facilitation has rendered immediate results in me, in that I have begun thinking and feeling about situations in my life very differently and have already experienced business success. I cannot wait to continue with the remaining phases of my Breakthrough Sessions with Stephanie. It is for these reasons that I highly recommend Stephanie Moss of NLP Durban. Her work is life changing.”

Brenton – Business Owner
“Thanks for your reports of the sessions, and for the manner in which you explain things. It is really making sense to me now.”

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