Shelley Lewin

Relationship & Executive Coach | Facilitator & Trainer | Writer & Speaker

Hi, I am Shelley Lewin and I have 14+ years of experience in personal, relationship and leadership development & transformation. Formally trained in applied psychology, I have been a counsellor in private practice since 2006 and facilitated the re-generation, renovation and restoration of connection between hundreds of couples. In 2010 I became an internationally accredited coach designing processes and solutions for change. I am a global executive and leadership coach, having coached 500+ leaders across multiple industries and facilitating clarity, deeper awareness and understanding of oneself and others in order to influence, inspire and communicate effectively as a leader.  I am the founder/owner of ‘The Relationship Architect Coaching & Consulting’, a business which has as its purpose to enable optimal growing, relating and connecting within individuals and between people. It also provides me the opportunity to deliver keynotes and provide expertise for magazines, TV and radio. I am a Certified trainer of Enneagram personality assessment, TotalSDI strengths-based assessments, Neurozone brain performance assessments and a PSYCH-K master facilitator (for changing limiting subconscious beliefs).
The ways in which we can work together are:

  • Partnering with clients for individual coaching, face to face and online
  • Facilitating couple/pair, team & group coaching in a variety of contexts,
  • Training and education on building resilient relationships, employee engagement & empowerment, conflict management, (communication skills, creative thinking & problem solving, leadership, stress & time management- Fibre Training UK representative and trainer)
  • Contributing articles and expertise for magazines, press and radio
  • Deliver thought-provoking content at a variety of speaking events

TRA Coaching & Consulting
Personal and Relationship Coaching
2006 to present
Cape Town, South Africa

Personal development

Personal discovery process
Improving work performance
Improving time management
Improving self-confidence
Improving relationship skills
Improving communication skills
Establishing work/life balance
Identifying strengths and development areas – Enneagram & Character assessment
Clarifying goals and strategies for success- addresses “Who do I need to be, in order to have what I want, so that I can achieve in the way I would like?”
Decision Making – providing clarity at crossroads and for multidimensional dilemmas
Empowering Yourself – reclaiming ones power back from a space of feeling disempowered
Authentic Living – addresses “How do I create a life that is an expression of my true self?”

Interpersonal Development for Individuals and Couples

Dating Deliberating – personal discovery and relationship readiness process
Marriage preparation – maintaining effortless and resilient partnerships
Couples/pairs in conflict – reassembling mutual regard/respect between two people
Exploring problem patterns of behaviour – creating new ways of relating
Identifying limiting beliefs in relationships – addressing the cause not the symptom
Facilitation of Relationship Awareness and Total SDI inventories (
Exploring the impact of blind-spots and emotional baggage

TRA Coaching & Consulting
Performance, Productivity & Team Effectiveness

Executive Coaching:

Peak performance, self confidence & leadership development
Resilient relationship skills
Employee engagement coaching

Training & Team/Group Coaching

Leadership, Communication Skills, Time & Stress management, Creative Thinking & Problem Solving courses delivered on behalf of Fibre Training UK

Bespoke facilitation, workshops and processes designed for each client depending on their requirements and objectives for the training. My approach ‘Solution Focused’ practice, is transforming coaching, consulting, managing and leading in organisations all over the world. The focus is on what’s wanted (not what’s wrong), what’s going well (rather than what’s gone badly) and practical progress (rather than explanatory theory) which leads to a positive and pragmatic way to work with organisations and individuals.

Building Stronger Teams with Relationship Awareness Facilitation

Relationship Awareness Theory uses as its learning tool ‘SDI’ or Strengths Deployment Inventory. TotalSDI strengthens relationships by enabling individuals and teams to deploy their strengths more productively and to anticipate and manage conflict productively. SDI provides a window into the motivators that drive behaviour – that understanding empowers staff to communicate in a way that strengthens relationships.

TotalSDI can be delivered in half day and full day training sessions, please visit


Transformation and change modalities & models, personal development & human potential, travel, relationship development skills and training, parenting & family, health & wellbeing, writing, film & storytelling, walking in nature and the outdoors, good coffee.