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Michael Wohlman

Life Coach

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Sea Point, Cape Town

021 434 9220

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Sea Point, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Michael Wohlman is a registered Counselling Psychologist and Executive Life Coach in Sea Point, Cape Town.

He has been in private practice since 2000. He specializes in the areas of individual, relationship counselling as well as personal and leadership development.

He works eclectically and intergratively, drawing on a range of therapeutic techniques and disciplines. Most importantly he is guided by an integrative client-centred, humanistic approach. He aims to build an authentic relationship between himself and his clients by modelling deep respect, honour for the individual for the courage of their individual journey (past, present and future).

By creating a safe space for his clients, the magic of personal growth and transformation can occur. He believes that every individual has the capacity to grow way beyond their imagination when provided with the correct ingredients, namely consistent unconditional love and respect. He attempts to empower his clients to assume responsibility for their lives by making conscious choices based on their authentic selves and taking action to realise their goals. He works in a variety of contexts, both individually in his clinical practise, and within the corporate sector facilitating leadership and autonomy using principles of accountability, integrity and truth.

Michael has been involved as a facilitator with the ManKind Project and Boys–to–Men (non profit organisations) for many years.

Michael is happily married and has two young daughters, who continuously remind him of the necessity of play, laughter and being “in the moment”. He is a keen outdoors enthusiast, is passionate about surfing and has a deep love for the ocean and all its creatures.

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  • B.A. (Wits University)
  • Psychology Honors (Rhodes University)
  • M.A. Counselling Psychology (Rhodes University)
  • Certificate in Coaching Psychology (Coaching Psychology Africa)

Sea Point, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa