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Shoni Khangala

Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

I am a Certified Inner Life Skills (ILS) Life and Business Master Coach. I am also an ILS Enneagram Coach – meaning I also have at my disposal, tools and techniques for achieving in-depth introspection into your true self (beyond surface)! I am a COMENSA Registered Coach, with ICF accredited Coaching qualifications.

I am a Top Achiever. I completed my Coaching qualification as among the Top Inner Life Skills International had ever produced! Also, I achieved my two Post Graduate qualifications Top of my Class.

I work with individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, Management, Senior Management and CEO’s of small and big businesses. My areas of focus include but are not limited to helping teams and individuals in:


  • Master’s Degree in Marketing – Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh Business School in Scotland;
  • Master’s Degree in Tourism Development and Management – New Buckinghamshire University (formerly Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College) (Top Student);
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing – Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) (Top Student);
  • Diploma in Business Management and Diploma in Personnel Management – Executive Education);
  • Bachelor of Science degree – University of Cape Town.
  • Certified Inner Life Skills (ILS) Life and Business Master Coach – Inner Life Skills International
  • COMENSA Registered Coach, with ICF accredited Coaching qualifications

I also completed courses in Human Resource Development; Organizational Behaviour; Learning Facilitation; Career Management at Post Graduate Level (Rand Afrikaans University).

Testimonials & Personal Messages

“Shoni is truly a master of his art. He has a wonderful way of unpicking difficult and complex situations, and time with him is well spent. I am happy to be contacted should you wish for further information on our working relationship”Tom Parry CEO: The Business Bridge.

“Shoni is a thoughtful and engaging individual. He helped me frame a high level management issue and create an actionable strategy to advance towards my goals.” Kevin Weiss Manager: Strategic Projects, Investment and Project Management

Personal Messages (Permission to share obtained from writers. However names removed to safeguard confidentiality)

Sent: Monday, August 17, 2015 4:09 PM
To: Shoni Khangala
Subject: Thank you

Dear Shoni

It takes someone with a big heart and a special personality to be intertwined with disability and allow yourself to be in our shoes.

I consider myself blessed to be coached by you.

Thank you for holding my hand every step of the way. You are the wind beneath my wings. God bless you.




Sent: Friday, July 24, 2015 4:07 PM
To:Shoni Khangala

Dear Shoni

After the last session we had two weeks ago, it left me with food for thought and I realized that nobody can tell it better than me. Every pain, hurt, joy, laughter, setback, achievement and all, are my story. It is meant to be challenging of cause and joyful at times because days are different .It’s mine, nobody told me it was gonna be easy anyway, so I’m gonna live it like it’s golden and tell it as it is. It’s my story!

Thanks for listening



Sent: Monday, June 8, 2015 3:45 PM
To:Shoni Khangala
Subject: Re: My 5-minute Showcase Talk at the Professional Speakers Association tonight

Dear Shoni

Thank you for being a pillar to lean on at times when I need one. This really means a lot to me. In the past few days a thought crossed my mind that if I were to describe who you are to me, it wouldn’t really make sense to  address you as my coach, but you become everyone I need you to be at that particular moment. God bless you and your offspring.

Thank you for being SHONI



Motivational Speaker

I am an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker who commands respect among my peers within the Professional Speakers Association (PSASA). I am a Member of the PSASA. I also serve on the Committee of the Board of the Cape Chapter of the PSASA.

I use some of my fascinating, unique and dynamic skills to deliver powerful and memorable messages to my audiences. With competency in the usage of a martial weapon which I learnt at the age of 10, in juggling and in sign language, I offer out-of-the box skills in delivering high impact messages.

My two Keynote talks “There is a Locust leg under my Pap” and “Intertwined with Disability – Conspiring to conquer the World”, inspire people to take stock of their life experiences, to accept and embrace even some of the most difficult or traumatic challenges they might have faced; and to use some of these experiences to craft a powerful and inspiring narrative – as part of creating a new reality.

The Live Showcases of the above talks can viewed from my website ( or straight from Youtube.
Feedback by Members of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, following Shoni Khangala’s Showcase of his talk: “There is a Locust leg under my Pap”.

“Your ‘locust under my pap’ story is incredibly powerful. I will never forget it.
I’d even encourage you to trademark this story and write a book with this title.
What I love about this story is that it shows your very humble beginnings without making a fuss (it wasn’t a “poor me” approach – very humbling”. Nicky Abdinor

“Nice one, Shoni. 20 seconds x 20 slides is a difficult ask. You really have to prepare. This is one of the better PechaKucha efforts I have seen. Once again, well done”. –  Jacques de Villiers

“Congratulations Shoni, an entertaining performance, well appreciated by the crowd. A star is born”. – Graham Harrison

“Shoni, we loved your presentation. We are all now referring to the ‘locust leg under our pap”. – Charlotte Kemp

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa