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Trevor Webb

Life Coach & Hypnotherapy Coach

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Brooklyn, Pretoria

082 953 4460

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Brooklyn, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

We all get to experience challenges in our daily lives.

These challenges may range from getting cut off in traffic while driving to something life-changing such as handling a divorce. Very often the way we choose to view things determines how we get to experience these events.

Let me be very clear now. No matter which way you choose to view the event, the event will stay the same – the change that matters is that a more positive view of an event means that you are able to move forward in a way and manner that serves you. Every event has learnings and lessons and choosing to learn from these allows you to apply the lessons in a way that enriches and enhances your future.

Sometimes we can get stuck in the past; this is when a life-coach or practitioner of either NLP or hypnotherapy can walk a path and a process with you and which helps you to shift your experience into the life you want to lead.

Having been through my own challenges I can honestly and without reservation express gratitude for the amazing learnings that I have been able to apply in my own life. While challenges and events are not always very pleasant I have always been able to move forward in a way that has enhanced my view of myself as a mature individual – and I will definitely be able to apply the lessons learnt in a responsible and enriching manner inside and outside of my Coaching Room.

This is the value that Re-invent will bring to your life; a knowledgeable team of people who genuinely care and will do their best to steer and guide you into the life you want to lead.

Brooklyn, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa