Antoinette Lortan

Leadership/Business/Team effectiveness/ Couples and Individual Coaching with a passion for Emotional Intelligence


Resident in Pretoria, coaching online throughout South Africa and internationally

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Moreleta Park, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Two years after completing her BSc degree and qualified as dietician, Antoinette pursued a career in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 14 years. She climbed the corporate ladder and in her last senior management position she headed up a Business unit within one of SA’s leading pharmaceutical companies. She built and developed a successful sales & marketing team which took a portfolio averaging a 2% market share to market leader position within 3 years. She has built a successful sales and marketing team within Roche Pharma and through experience seen that knowledge, skills & experience might get a person hired, but it is a person with Emotional & Cultural Intelligence who will develop & retain individuals and successfully lead teams to achieve continuous success.

She completed her diploma as Professional coach through an ICF (International coaching federation) accredited institution and left the corporate sector in 2008 to pursue her dream of building her own coaching, training and & consultancy business.

Through her coaching, she supports and develops individuals’ self- awareness, integrity, self- reflection, self-motivation & commitment. She has seen how people make powerful changes in their lives, achieve their goals & create the life they desire.

There are “victim” mentalities that are spontaneously created within a corporate structure. Evolving talented staff from “victims” to becoming “creators” affords the ability to develop and retain them. This is her vision when she develops individuals and teams within organisations as she has seen cross cultural & -functional teams as well as individuals develop under her mentorship. She also believes that more Emotional Intelligent leaders will be able to develop and retain the leaders of tomorrow.

Antoinette has been training various courses such as Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), selling skills with EQ & Conflict management with great success measured from the feedback received from the delegates and post-assessments done. References, testimonials & full CV on file

Consciousness Coaching® Methodology:

The key differentiator, in my opinion, between consciousness coaching® and action/goal only coaching, is that consciousness coaching shifts the internal processing and thinking of the coachee such that new and desirable ways of behaving in alignment with the organisational objectives become habitual for the coachee. In my experience, this is not always the case with coaching that only focuses on goal outcomes; the risk of old habits taking over again is very high if the underlying drivers are not changed. In other words-consciousness coaching produces long-term sustainable results.

As an ICT Service Delivery and Innovation company with a strong focus on delivering on time and within budget, it is easy to forget or neglect the human side of it in a highly delivery focused environment. The Human Mirror coaching sessions have assisted our employees and executives to have a much more holistic approach to their work environment and to seek harmony and balance between their work and personal life. We have seen tremendous changes in attitudes and the work approach of our employees after completion of the coaching sessions offered by Antoinette from Human Mirror
– Philip Stander, Managing Director, GlobeTOM

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Moreleta Park, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa