Terry Sorour

Leadership, Executive & Business Coach


Pretoria, Gauteng

CA(SA); B.Acc(Accounting Science); Advanced Management Programme (AMP); Member of ICF and COMENSA

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

My 40 years of business experience together with coaching and mentoring skills, equips me to guide people through a process that brings about change. I help others to develop their potential; increase their effectiveness; sharpen their skills; and improve their performance.

I offer coaching and mentoring services to individuals and companies seeking to improve their current status by leading them through a thinking process that will empower them to be even more successful in their businesses and personal life. After retiring as Executive Director within a large retail motor Group, I have pursued my passion for coaching and mentoring people by bringing together my experience in the business world with a deep understanding of individual and organisational dynamics.

I am a certified Results Coaching Systems coach, a registered coach/mentor practitioner member of Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) and an Associated Certified Coach (ACC) of the International Coach Federation (ICF). I work closely with my clients through a journey of self-discovery, learning and change, to help them realise their potential and make better decisions to improve both their work and personal life.

Other than achieving goals, clients learn insights about themselves and their environment through a series of coaching sessions, which often change habits and outlooks. Through my business knowledge and qualifications, I understand the dynamics of business and the challenges people in business face. My life experiences and understanding of people relationships, together with good listening skills, add further value to the coaching engagement.


I have coached General Managers, Financial Managers, Marketing Directors, Executives and business owners across a number of industries, including overseas.

“Terry’s frank but easy manner has encouraged me to explore my ideas with him and trust in the decisions I make. He has helped me become a visionary in transforming my goals into reality by keeping me focused and committed.
With Terry as my mentor and coach I have changed my approach in the way I manage people. Through the positive feedback I receive from my staff and the people I deal with, I can see that my new approach is producing better results in the workplace”
D.P; Financial Mng.

“I can, without a doubt, highly recommend this coaching programme as it enabled me to approach my career and personal life with a lot more balance and confidence. The learning curve was steep and the value, immense”
T.P; Dealer Mng.

“Terry enabled me to immediately see my mistakes and I embraced this learning curve with open arms. He encouraged me to replace my old Habits with new ones and to implement and share these new habits/ways with the rest of my staff. The change was amazing”
V.L; Dept. Mng.

“The preparation of tasks ahead of our weekly sessions offered great insights into my own personality and methods of dealing with colleagues. It helped me to develop a number of new habits and techniques that will stand me in good stead in the future, both in my professional and personal life.”
N.A; General Mng.

” He has a calm coaching style and takes time to listen & understand”
R.E; C.F.O

” A key achievement was the ability to close on my leadership gaps and I was immediately prompted to the MD’s position”
A. M; MD

” Your coaching style is a perfect fit for a business leader to perform at a higher level”
G. v. L; Marketing Director

“I have extensively changed my leadership approach with positive influence and results”
C.D; C.O.O

Adding value

Here are some examples of where I can add value. By:

  • Working with an individual to improve his/her performance or that of his company.
  • Helping someone who is struggling to cope and may be stressed.
  • Guiding an individual to improve relationships with others.
  • Improving a person’s self awareness and sense of purpose.
  • Encouraging innovation and lateral thinking.
  • Assisting in the development of an employee who shows high potential to advance    his/her career.
  • Working with a manager to enhance effectiveness and management skills.
  • Working with a manager to improve leadership skills.
  • Helping someone through a transient stage of their work life such as preparing for a more responsible role.
  • Assisting someone to create a better work/life balance.

In addition to the above, adding value at a senior leadership level by:

  • Providing an objective sounding board to bounce off ideas, concerns and challenges.
  • Helping to clarify the future perspectives and strategies of the company.
  • Aligning the vision of a company’s management with the rest of the organisation through getting teams to pull together towards achieving goals and outcomes in line with the company vision.
  • Introducing a coaching culture into the organisation which encourages open-mindedness and innovation.


  • CA(SA); B.Acc(Accounting Science) University of Natal
  • Advanced Management Programme (AMP) (Insead University, France)
  • Results Coaching Systems
    • Intensive Coaching Certificate
    • Executive Coaching Certificate
    • Team Coaching Certificate
    • Coaches Toolkit Certificate

Leader Coaching

For more information and testimonials from my clients, please visit my web site: www.leadercoaching.co.za

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa