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Gordon Hunkin

Corporate Coach and Facilitator

coaching culture clubs


011 675 3084

082 520 0210

Little Falls, Roodepoort, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Coaching Experience

I am an experienced coach with well over 1800 coaching hours across a wide range of organisations. Having worked mainly with C-suite, Executives, General Managers and Senior Managers has enabled me significantly deepen my understanding of how organisations work and the challenges faced by leaders in organisations. As a facilitator I have experience with leadership and team development processes as well as with productivity workshops (e.g. Your Brain At Work).

Leadership Development is a particular area of interest for me and this is often the aspect I am asked to help clients focus on. I have, however, helped client’s achieve a broad spectrum of goals and business objectives. These include: improving personal performance, confidence, leadership vs management, emotional intelligence, leadership styles and strengths, communications, vision and strategy, people skills, achieving better business results, improving team dynamics and preparing for or stepping into a new role effectively.

Organisational challenges that have been part of the focus of coaching, facilitation or consulting engagements include: talent management, leadership development, breaking silos, change management, developing a coaching capacity, organisational culture, succession planning, leading performance, productivity and creating growth.

My clients include Business Connexion, Rand Merchant Bank, SABC, Centriq, ABSA, SAPPI, SAB, Polyoak Packaging, Harmony Gold, Colgate-Palmolive, ArcelorMittal, Murray & Roberts Cementation, AVENG, PPC, SARS, Discovery Health, W&RSETA, Imperial Toyota, SANTAM, SANLAM, Water Research Commission, Aurecon, Multichoice, Discovery, Oberthur Technologies, Sovereign Foods and various small businesses.

My core motivation is to contribute to positive, purposeful and sustained change in people’s lives and in organisations. This is where I see my ‘mission’ in life. The processes I facilitate with teams and individuals are thus carefully selected because I believe that they are able to produce authentic transformation.

Background and Other Experience

Although my degree is geared toward communications I have had a wonderfully varied working experience; one that has helped me gain a solid understanding of business and to nurture Leadership, Management and people skills. This includes a stint in the public sector, a great opportunity to help take a successful business to the next level and a fulfilling season serving as a pastor. I then had an opportunity to launch and establish an ‘in-house’ publishing company for a multinational non-profit entity. Acting as MD of this company for 7 years was a great stretching experience and one that has certainly added to the understanding and skills I bring to the leadership context.

With more than 25 years of both formal and informal experience in working with people and in various leadership roles, I feel ideally equipped to facilitate growth and transformation for individuals within teams and organisations. My personal style in coaching and facilitation is rooted in this passion to help people and is an intuitive style for me.

Besides coaching I am able to facilitate leadership and team development processes, performance leadership workshops, personal productivity workshops and train managers in developing comprehensive coaching skills using an ICF approved process. I also consult on embedding a coaching approach into an organisation.

Faith, family, friendships and integrity are some of the values that I cherish. I have been married to Riana for 33 years, and counting. We have an amazing 23 year old daughter, Jessica.


  • BA (English & Philosophy) from WITS and a Communication sub-major from UNISA
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Over 130 hours of coach specific training (includes: executive, business and team coaching)
  • Certificate of Professional Coaching (COPC – Stage 3 – the final stage) from Results Coaching Systems (RCS). Also trained as an Executive, Business and Team Coach through RCS
  • Lead Trainer, coach mentor and Stage 2 Assessor for RCS. I also draw personally on the mentoring support that RCS provides
  • A member of the ICF. Maintaining membership of the ICF is part of my commitment to ensure that my training and conduct meet the high standard of excellence that they are working to bring to the coaching profession
  • Accredited by Worldsview Consulting as a facilitator of the Nine Conversations in Leadership™, Purposeful Teams™ and Heart of Leadership© processes
  • I am fully fluent in both English and Afrikaans and can coach in both languages

Coaching Approach

An executive coaching series is generally focussed on goals that the coachee sets to ensure that full ownership of these is maintained. As a coaching series progresses there is enough flexibility built in to allow for coaching conversations around matters that are pressing but perhaps not specifically connected to the goals.

Where appropriate, interviews may be conducted with stakeholders who are able to provide authentic input related to the focus and progress of the coaching series. Regular feedback on progress is often solicited by the coachee from these stakeholders during the course of a coaching series.

Assessments may also form part of a coaching series. Where suitable, recent assessments are already available these are utilised. The specific need for these is ascertained during the initial conversations with the coachee and the organisation. If necessary, I am able to arrange access to suitable assessments.

I draw on a wide range of relevant reading and other tools intended to stimulate thinking and insights around the areas a coachee chooses to focus on. These are made available to a coachee as and when they could be useful in the coaching series.

A regular report on progress to a sponsor within the organisation is a part of my approach. In these conversations I also seek input on the coachee’s progress as perceived by the organisation. While a level of candidness is necessary here, care is taken to preserve the confidentiality of the coaching relationship in these conversations.

In most cases, an initial coaching series of twelve sessions that runs over 6 months is set up around specific goals. In the final session of this initial series a review is completed and the next steps, if any, are agreed on. The format of the coaching is often adjusted according to the needs of the coachee from this point forward. A second round of assessments could be utilised at this stage to measure progress as well as to highlight additional areas for focus in ongoing coaching.