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Bronwen Ellis

Career and Life Coach

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Parow, Cape Town

New Insights certified Life Coach

076 785 2936


Towards Possibility

Parow, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

My passion for life coaching started not too long ago, when I realized I had never really had a fulfilling career, one where I loved to get up in the morning, because I loved what I did that much. I always had a longing or empty gap from that lack of fulfilment. In a conversation with someone I had said “I wish a job existed were you help people find what they truly love in life, help them understand themselves well enough to utilize all their talents, and go for what they really want. It would have been so amazing if I had had that sort of guidance when I was leaving school.”

As it turns out that is a large part of what coaching is. Becoming a coach is my calling in life, I left my boring job in HR and I have not looked back.

I feel that giving young adults the chance to realize just how much they are capable of, is really important. Working with women of all ages is also a passion of mine, as society still does not encourage us to be all that we can.

What I want to provide for my clients is a safe, caring, judgement free and confidential environment to work in. I know what it feels like to be unfulfilled and that dreams coming true is for someone else. So, my true passion lies in helping turn dreams into reality.

Coaching can help a person of any age, find inner peace, happiness and to reach your true potential. My goal as your coach is to help you make a solid and realistic plan, and to get where you want to be by following through with it in a safe and caring space.

Along the way not only will you reach the goal but you will learn to remove self-doubt, and work towards loving and being kind to yourself. So few learn to love themselves and do not realize that you can never help others when your own cup is empty as well. You will learn to really take control of your life and remove all negative thinking and behavioural patterns that have held you back in the past.

Coaching really is a path to a life of possibility, joy and growth. I should warn you though; you will amaze yourself along the way. I love showing people, just how much they are capable of, even if they walk in thinking they have no real talents.

If you can change what you think, then you can change what you do. So whenever you are ready, let’s get started.


“After coaching with Bronwen, I am no longer controlled by excuses. I value my self-worth. I can set a direction for myself and push towards my goal. I make more money, myself worth has made me happier and people enjoy my company more. I now cope with transitions by making plans instead of getting stuck. I have enjoyed feeling empowered and right in myself. The skills I have learned have allowed me to take charge of my life. There are a lot of things that hold us back in our minds, coaching has shown me the inner strength and confidence I have. Although it may not have always been fun to change, my coach pushed me passed my inhibitions when I needed it, and it was in my mind, a victory. Thank you.”
Stacy Fabre
Professional Artist

“I was at a very difficult point in my life and my career, and coaching with Bronwen has been a phenomenal experience. Because of her guidance and support, I now have a clear career path, and have learned to break down the big dreams into attainable goals. I felt empowered enough to quit my job, and am studying towards a new qualification. Life coaching isn’t psychology, but for me, it worked beautifully in conjunction with my therapy. I am stepping into the new year with even more exciting goals than I thought I would have. Bronwen is supportive, patient and unconditionally kind. If you are finding yourself feeling overwhelmed or unsure about “where to from here”, she is a talented coach who will get you there.”
CH, Johannesburg

Parow, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa