Shaheda Daya - Life and Business Coach - Chipata Zambia

Shaheda Daya

Life/Business/Leadership Coaching

Shaheda Daya - Life and Business Coach - Chipata Zambia

Chipata, Lusaka, Zambia

Certified personal, business and leadership coach; Neuroscience coach; 25 years corporate experience

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1504 Obote Road, Lusaka, Zambia

How can I support you to illuminate your inner strength?

I navigate professionals towards their “true north”, with positivity and compassion to claim their growth and resilience, personally and professionally. Your uniqueness is your strength!

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Having recovered from anxiety and depression using my own research, this testing time taught me so much especially about myself, with the various twists and turns in my life. It also allowed me to discover my purpose. I decided the best way to pay it forward would be to support self-esteem and true self-resourcefulness in others. This is why I love coaching so much; the power it gives to my coaching clients to discover their own strengths within.

With more than 25 years’ experience within the corporate world, in various roles including management and consultancy, it was a natural evolvement to step into coaching especially for those in the work place. Having experienced a lack of confidence as a manager, I realised how personal challenges can hold professionals back from their true capacity and desires. I am now fuelled when I observe the transformation that highlights unlimited growth.

I support my coaching clients as a personal life coach, business coach and leadership coach because I believe we all show up as “whole” people where ever we are; at work and at home. I am trained and certified understanding coaching from a neuroscience perspective, which allows me to understand my clients on a personal level, to truly support them and supply what they need to honestly reflect their unlimited potential. It is after all team effort!

My favourite saying by Aristotle; “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” I prefer to coach by taking advantage of my coaching client’s individuality and uniqueness, and my method is based on this understanding. Why? Because we are all unique, down to our thought patterns! I also use a variety of tools to enhance self-awareness and clarity. Allow me to navigate you to your own “north star”, so that you can perform with authenticity and truth, to gain transparency and direction, resulting in your own resilience.

Please contact me for an absolutely free CHEMISTRY Session which will give you clarity on what you want to work on and why it is so important for you right now. NO strings attached!

Testimonial by Dr. Prakash Muthodoss PhD
I am happy to write a recommendation to Ms. Shaheda Daya. I had the privilege of working with my coach I fondly call her my sister, and it has been an incredibly effective experience in helping me achieve my goals both professionally and personally. Her expert guidance and support empowered me to gain clarity, set meaningful objectives, and take decisive action. Additionally, Shaheda skillfully helped me explore what was important to me, enabling me to align my values and priorities with my aspirations. I highly recommend her coaching services for anyone seeking transformative personal and professional growth.

1504 Obote Road, Lusaka, Zambia