Claudia Batschari - Ayurveda Health Coach - Cape Town

Claudia Batschari

Ayurvedic Health Coach

Claudia Batschari - Ayurveda Health Coach - Cape Town

Observatory, Cape Town

Ayurvedic Wellness Coach Training with the Shakti School

082 459 5348


25 Trill Road, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa

Befriend your body and reclaim your health and happiness, through the ancient feminine wisdom & self care of Ayurveda. I will help you reconnect with your body, and your own innate wisdom, as you journey towards a more balanced and aligned life.

Ayurveda is an ancient science, which is all about our deep connection with nature. We are part of nature, and should thus be aligned with nature and all its elements. I will work with you by diving deep into all areas of your life. We will explore your sleep routine, what and when you eat, how exercise fits into your daily life, your relationships, your daily rhythms, your elimination and digestion… and from this place we will see what is working and in balance – and what might be out of balance.

I will help you become more self-aware, self-knowing, and equipped to address common signs and symptoms of imbalance – from sluggish digestion and fatigue, to persistent inflammation and discomfort.

What’s beautiful about Ayurveda is that it is a natural healing system, and also a way of life. It’s a lifestyle – a set of principles and practices that you can learn and welcome into your day-to-day life, as you deepen your understanding of it and experience its benefits firsthand.

Qualifications & Experience

I have practiced Ayurveda for many years, initially turning to it for my own healing – and then powerfully integrating it into my life in order to make the best decisions for my health.

In 2020 I completed an online course with Nidhi Pandya, ‘Ayurveda Demystified & Applied’. This was followed in 2021 by a year-long ‘Ayurvedic Wellness Coach Training’ course with the Shakti School – where I am currently enrolled in their 2nd year ‘Ayurvedic Health Counsellor’ training programme.

I can look back on many years of women’s circles, through Woman Within, and have also facilitated the Waldorf School Coming of Age Camps for teenage girls, as they go through a rite of passage.