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Char Cress

Addiction Recovery Coach

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Sandton, Johannesburg

083 402 9448

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Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

Addictive Recovery Coaching and Counselling is about Char helping the Client confront their problems, helping and supporting them in developing solutions, sharing her knowledge and life skills in transforming their lives. Char helps addicts and other people with other affliated issues rebuild their lives. Recovery Coaching and Counselling is about dealing with the Clients strengths, resolving their limitations, helping and supporting them create the life they have always wanted. In Char enables the Client to think for themselves and access their own minds to find their own answers. She deals with the here and now, helping and supporting the Client set realistic attainable goals with specific actions steps that:

  • Generate awareness and encourage awareness and discovery
  • Create clarity
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Generate commitment and perspective
  • Move the Client into action

In Counselling Char helps people with their ongoing difficulties. Counselling is a longer process, as the Clients situations are more complex. She instills hope, discovery, empowering the Client by facilitating change. Char coaches and counsels with existing addicts and post rehabilitation addiction. Coaching Clients who have drug, alcohol, prescription drug, gambling, sex addiction, pornography, self-mutilation and the Internet. Char is results orientated, inspiring addicts and post addicts achieve their potential with her honest, caring approach and to genuinely connect with her Clients without judgement. She is passionate about helping Clients empower themselves and embrace their true potential.

My Focus Areas:

  • Addiction Recovery Coaching
  • Addiction Counselling
  • Life Coaching and Counselling
  • Personal Development Coaching and Counselling

Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa