Addiction Recovery Coaching

24 May 2024

Addiction Recovery coaching in SA

Addiction Recovery coaching is the practice of supporting people struggling with addiction problems such as alcoholism and drug abuse.

Addiction Recovery coaches are generally trained to use their own lived experience with addiction to support their client’s journey in recovery. They help people battling addiction by providing support, guidance, and objective progress metrics. Recovery coaches act as role models and help clients achieve lasting change by identifying triggers, forming an action plan, and developing habits and behaviors that support long-term recovery.

Some ways an addiction recovery coach can help you:

  • Staying Sober: They can help you stay on track and avoid reverting to old habits, whether that’s excessive use of alcohol, drugs, or your phone.
  • Dealing with Tough Times: A recovery coach will share strategies to handle stress, cravings, and tricky situations.
  • Unlocking What’s Behind the Addiction: They will help you figure out and resolve other issues that might be related to your addiction, such as past traumas.
  • Spotting Triggers: They will help you identify what pushes your buttons – and how to sidestep these triggers.
  • Improving Relationships: You will learn how to mend fences and build healthier connections with the people who matter the most to you.
  • Taking Care of Yourself: A recovery life coach will encourage you to prioritize self-care and help improve your overall physical and mental health.
  • General life issues: Recovery coaches may also assist with general life issues such as career, education, relationships, spirituality, sleep-hygiene, daily structure and routine, and various other life areas, as these are all intimately linked to your inherent ability to maintain sobriety and live a productive and successful life.
  • Finding Meaning: Together, you’ll explore what gives your life purpose and fulfillment, beyond just getting by.

Who needs recovery coaching?

Recovery coaches primarily work with individuals with drug or alcohol addiction or use disorders. They are an especially good fit for the following people:

  • Recovering addicts who have undergone multiple treatments: These include individuals who continually relapse. Coaches help hold recovery clients accountable and pinpoint roadblocks or triggers preventing a full recovery.
  • People with addiction-related legal issues: These are individuals who risk losing a professional license, driving privileges, or custody. Sober coaches provide tools and accountability support to these clients about losing professional opportunities or personal relationships.
  • Individuals who need more professional support: Recovering individuals who need help in addition to therapy sessions and doctoral support may seek coaching services. Each recovery support specialist tackles different issues for maximum results. For instance, doctors consider the individual’s physical recovery, mental health providers help patients understand their disorder and its psychology, and coaches help people stick to a recovery plan.

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