selecting the right coach…

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Since coaching is a relatively new profession, selecting the right coach can be confusing. To add to this difficulty, coaches are typically not licensed or subject to state regulations. There are however several professional coaching associations with ethical codes – for example, COMENSA or ICF in South Africa – and various coach training programs with strict certification standards.

guidelines for selecting a coach:

  • Do you ‘click’ with your coach? Your relationship with your coach is essential to get the results you want. Choose someone with exceptional interpersonal skills. Initial contact can be made by phone and many coaches will offer an introductory meeting. There is often no fee for this first contact. Determine how well the coach listens and understands. Did you feel judged or did you feel accepted?
  • Consider your coach’s experience. A coach with experience in your personal or professional situation may understand you more quickly and with greater insight into your specific issues. However, much of your work with a coach will involve encouraging you to use and develop your personal and professional skills and to use your expanding network.
  • Interview more than one coach. Most coaches are happy to speak with you or meet with you in order to get to know you and your situation. You can use this time as an opportunity to gather information and an impression about the coach’s style. Compare two or three coaches and select the one who seems most appropriate to you. Trust yourself to know what you need and allow your instinct to tell you if the person in front of you feels like a good fit!
  • Ask the prospective coach questions. Good coaches are willing to answer your questions directly and openly. Consider asking questions about their depth of experience, qualifications, skills, and procedures.
  • Ask about fees. Make sure you understand how much a coach charges and what kinds of services are included. Coach fees can vary considerably! Find out if your company will pay for your life or business coaching (many do). Most coaches will have different corporate and private rates.