Business Coaching

3 May 2020

What is business coaching?

The first goal of business coaching is to enable you to analyse your present situation and determine your future directions. It is a powerful process that unlocks the full potential of your business, develops your business performance and enhances your skills in the workplace.

You don’t surrender your responsibility and role in your business to the coach, but are guided through a proven process to determine what steps and actions are indispensable to take your business to the next level.

The business coaching process

During the first contact with the client or the client’s organisation, the coach establishes the organisational needs.

This is followed by sessions that encompass the following:

  • A general assessment in conjunction with the client
  • 360-degree assessment interview
  • Feedback on 360-degree
  • Analysis of all gathered information to compile a coaching plan. This might include DIFSWOT (Difficult, Interesting, Frequent, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Suggested strategy via Coaching Plan
  • Strategy and action management
  • Outcomes measurement

Expected outcomes

Coaching is all about results. You can expect to be able to set and achieve realistic yet inspiring goals, improve motivation levels, manage time effectively, reduce stress, become more focused and self-sufficient, develop leadership skills, cultivate high performance behaviour, build an efficient and motivated team, increase productivity, manage change, prepare for advancement, achieve a good work-life balance.

from Marlet Tromp


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