Cathy Coyle

Transpersonal Coaching Psychologist
Cape Town
MSc Psychology; MA Coaching Psychology; Leadership & Governance (BSc); NLP Master practitioner; Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapist; Transpersonal Coaching PgCert.
Mobile Number: +27 66 024 9123
Email Address:
Cape Town, South Africa

Explore, Empower & Transform

My coaching facilitation challenges the boundaries of well-being, supporting the evolution of Flourishing Individuals & Conscious Culture.

Thinking outside of the box has always come as second nature to me and living a life less ordinary has fueled a lifelong passion for exploring some of the worlds most far-reaching corners. Through my own human experience, my academic and professional scope I have developed a unique style that resonates with those in pursuit of empowerment, holism, and conscious change.

Combining my expertise in Psychology (MSc), Coaching Psychology (MA) and Leadership & Governance (BSc) with Master Practitioner level NLP and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy training I employ the most up to date psychological research with intuitive coaching. Together we harness optimal and transcendent states on the road towards truly transformational living.

Let's Grow together
- Cathy Coyle