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Robyn Aitken-Smith

Transformational Coach

Are you stressed, unhappy, demotivated and don’t know which way to turn?
Discover how to become the BEST that you can be!

 Based in Johannesburg, Robyn also coaches telephonically and via Skype, nationally and internationally.

About Robyn:

Robyn is a transformational coach, behavioural change consultant, career development practitioner, emotional intelligence advocate, human capacity development consultant, lifelong learner,  deep thinker and yogi.

Over a decade of experience, dedicated and professional with a formidable work ethic; proactive, persevering and resilient with strong results-focus and commitment to a growth mindset.  Exceedingly organised, fast-paced with an enthusiasm for collaboration.  A passion for problem-solving; highly intuitive, knowledgeable and educated as well as devoted to self-development and personal mastery. Ernest about living consciously, intentionally and with purpose.  Most importantly, a love and compassion for people and a keen desire to see others thrive.


Results Coaching Systems (RCS) powered by Neuroleadership Institute (International Coach Federation aligned) is a unique brain-based methodology that is:  neuroscience-based, process-focused, and outcomes driven.  The 5 principles of Results Coaching Systems are: self-directed learning, solutions focus, positive feedback, stretch and structure.  RCS borrows from the study of change, learning theory, positive psychology and systems theory. It also recognises the strong link between thought, feeling and behaviour and the impact of our inner and outer dialogues.

Areas of Focus:

  • Leadership development;
  • Emotional intelligence;
  • Work-life integration;
  • Interpersonal relationships;
  • Health & wellness;
  • Career development;
  • Etc.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Utilise understanding of cognitive neuroscience to coach systematically, strategically, effectively and efficiently;
  • Employ knowledge of industrial or organisational psychology to better address performance in the workplace;
  • Employ emotional intelligence competencies to assist with personal and professional development;
  • Consult with organisations to provide HRM (human resource management) support to develop employee capacity, i.e. recruitment & selection, training & development, employee engagement, performance management, etc.;
  • Use ability to design and develop programmes;
  • Use of assessment tools:
    • Personality Profile Analysis (PPA);
    • Job Analysis (JA);
    • High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI).
  • ETDP SETA registered facilitator.


  • Results Coaching Systems (Neuroleadership Institute) trained;
  • BCOM Industrial and Organisational Psychology (UNISA).
  • Behavioural Practitioner (Thomas International);
  • Programme Design & Development (Edutel)
  • ETDP SETA registered facilitator (QED).

Current Study:

  • Yoga Teacher Training & Yoga Therapy (Shakti Yoga Teaching Academy & Therapy Centre);
  • Science of Meditation (Online self-study);
  • Cognitive Neuroscience (Online self-study).


  • Transformational Coach/Relationship Coach/Executive Coach/HR Consultant:
  • Coach to modify behaviour and improve working and personal relationships;
  • Coach senior management team members for leadership excellence;
  • Coach to find work-life balance, assertiveness, resilience, confidence, etc.;
  • Coach and facilitate workshops to develop potential talent;
    • Conduct assessments for selection, development and promotion purposes;
    • Coach and facilitate to ensure health & wellness (Happiness Training);
    • Design, develop and facilitate workshops for leadership teams;
    • Provide HR support (selection, career development, promotion, etc.);
    • Coach couples to maintain a healthy, happy relationship;
    • Etc.


“The path that Robyn set me on addressed all the important issues that I had not been attending to in my life including increasing assertiveness and changing old behaviours. This enabled me to understand how my brain was working and how to change that thinking to improve my life and the lives of people around me.”

“I thoroughly enjoy Robyn’s method of coaching. It is structured and strategic, focused on achieving results with goal setting and homework by means of notes supplied by Robyn or links to view; which helped me a lot with my transformation and implementation, to make sure the coaching is effective.”

“What I enjoyed most about Robyn was her objective truth and honesty. On many an occasion Robyn called me out on my comments or feelings, referring to personal experience, challenging me to alter my own behavior to better control situations or in some instances take personal accountability for situations rather than being a victim, ultimately delivering an even better result than was originally desired.”

“I found Robyn to be especially insightful and perceptive. Robyn’s use of questioning skills combined with her approach in pursuing difficult topics and conversations really opened up different avenues of critical thinking and verbal communication for me. Robyn was able to support me and confront me with honesty – and never let me off the hook. Robyn has a natural ability to remain focused on the root of the issue and is not easily diverted or swayed with ‘noise’. This was helpful in ensuring the real issues were tackled quickly and efficiently.”