Carin Dean - Transformational Coach - City Bowl - Cape Town

Carin Dean – The Joy Institute

Transformational Coach

Carin Dean - Transformational Coach - City Bowl - Cape Town

Tamboerskloof, City Bowl, Cape Town

BA (Languages)(UCT); Coaches Rising Transformational Coach certification; 500hr Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher

082 887 7270

9 Leeukloof Drive, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, South Africa

I am passionate about the potential that exists in humans and their ability to connect to themselves, each other and the broader nature of the universe.

With a background in language studies, strategy, psychology, embodiment coaching and yoga,I have delved deeply into the intricacies of human interaction. For over 30 years, my journey has encompassed diverse aspects of engagement, from business and brands to personal self-discovery. I have worked with hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, CEOs, NPOs. government officials, youth, disenfranchised individuals, celebrities. Over the past decade, I’ve focused on the intricate connections between individuals, their bodies, brains, and the broader societal influences that shape their perceptions and actions. This exploration has deepened my understanding of human engagement and the transformative power of experience, belief systems, and information on our interactions with the world.

I am an adept Business Coach and certified Embodied Transformation Coach. My background in the neuroscience of change, systems constellation, relationship systems, team coaching, Polyvagal Theory, and mindfulness informs my in-depth and broad approach. Through continued coursework, I expand my learning about psychology and the latest scientific discoveries in neuroscience and trauma.

Embodied Transformational coaching is a method of change through which individuals and organisations make positive changes in their lives and businesses through a lived and embodied experience. It offers a space where people can expand their ability to achieve their goals, where new models of being and thinking are cultivated, ambition and creative thinking is liberated and people can learn how to operate as empathetic members of a system. It requires a change of mentality and thinking that will extend to the development of “creative tension” within an embodied learning process as opposed to traditional goal-setting and action.

Embodied transformational coaching encourages clients to change their attitudes and perceptions about themselves and others. Instead of changing how they act, they work on changing how they feel and believe, transforming reactivity to response through the practice of lived experience. This transformative experience combines physical, mental, and embodiment methodologies with personalised coaching to unlock the full potential within.

Beyond coaching, I do brand strategy consulting for businesses that add socio-economic and environmental value to the world. I mentor young and previously disadvantaged people. I teach yoga. I learn new languages wherever I can. I immerse myself in all parts of nature from the icy oceans to the tops of the mountains. I’m infinitely curious. I believe in the power of resilience and perspective to bring joy. I’m mother to a neurodiverse child. And I travel whenever I can by foot, car, train, plane and boat.

We are all stretching. We are finding the ground shifting beneath our feet, whoever we are. Life, however, reveals itself in its insistence on wholeness. Maybe we don’t know how to take this reality as seriously as we take rupture and what goes wrong. Maybe we’re ready to learn how…

Is this you?

  • I’m ready for a profound shift in my life and work.
  • I’m ready to amplify a sense of freedom and strength.
  • I’m ready to feel into my inner knowledge.
  • I’m ready to say goodbye to overwhelm, struggle, and uncertainty.
  • I’m ready to embrace the right mindset, skills, and strategies for greater impact and success in my life.

If it is, then let’s chat!

I invite you to embark on this enriching journey within where your exploration through curiosity, discovery, consciousness, authenticity and connection will unlock your boundless human potential.

Carin Dean
The Joy Institute

9 Leeukloof Drive, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, South Africa