Tracey Joy Kennedy

Master Transformation Life Coach, Master Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

Durban North, Durban, Nationwide, Online

Master Transformation Coach and Master Life Coach (Transformation Coaching Academy); NLP Practitioner (Transformation Coaching Academy)

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47 Ashley Avenue, Glen Ashley, Durban North, South Africa

How can we truly master our life?
How do we respond consciously and powerfully rather than reacting habitually and defensively?
How do we find our inner strengths and take back our power from situations and other people?

I have, quite literally, spent most of my life looking for the answers to these questions and only ever found stories of other peoples’ success but no “how to” make it happen for me!

I was at my wits end and frankly, exhausted and defeated. I was depressed, anxious, angry, overwhelmed and downright scared of this thing called Life. I felt like a failure and it hurt.

Until I found Transformation Life Coaching!

I took the tools and techniques taught to me and did the inner work that only I could do for myself and it has changed me, improved my life experiences and gotten me excited about life again!

I can show you how and guide you towards your own betterment and enjoyment of this journey called Life.

Are you ready? Are you willing? Do you want a better life experience? Do you desire deeper, more loving relationships? Are you open to recreating the next, highest version of yourself?

Let’s get started!

Some Outcomes of Transformtion Life Coaching

  • increased self-acceptance and higher confidence levels
  • the ability to choose how you will respond to life events instead of reacting negatively without control
  • living life with more positive emotions like calmness, contentment, peacefulness, joy and fulfilment
  • experiencing more energy and vitality in your body as a result of healing and integrating your past emotions
  • taking back mastery of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours
  • more emotional intelligence to experience mature and loving relationships

Skills and Strengths

  • Help you develop your self-awareness in order to better understand why you do the things you do so that you can change your negative behaviours and patterns
  • Assist you in healing your pent-up emotions and past thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck in repeating sabotaging patterns
  • Provide a safe and compassionate space and scientific tools to get you finding and letting go of the root causes of all your procrastination, low self-esteem, perpetual anxiety and feelings of hopelessness and defeat
  • Open the way for you to find and tune in to your innate balance and stillness when overwhelm and stress get on top of you
  • Help you realize your wholeness and live consciously through your whole being- Body, Mind and Spirit

Pofessional Qualifictions and Credentials

  • Master Transformation Coach and Master Life Coach (Transformation Coaching Academy)
  • NLP Practitioner (Transformation Coaching Academy)
  • International Coaches Register- fully certified member (ICR)

What Clients have to Say

I feel better and far more in control than ever before. Tracey and her words and encouragement keep popping up in my head and I am so grateful to her. With her help I have realized so many different things and thoughts I held as important are actually not important at all. I have stopped beating myself up so much and I give myself a lot more breaks than before. Who knew looking at pictures and visualizing your desires and writing down your daily blessings could make such a difference? For all of this I thank Tracey. And for giving of herself as she does. It is changing someone’s life.


This program has shown me that there are no shortcuts, you must take the time to dig deep and work on yourself. A lot of the exercises made me uncomfortable, but I learned some valuable lessons and tools that has already worked for me but that will also empower me in my life ahead. I think the most important lesson is that “I am responsible”, for how I think, act and experience the world around me. It is a hard lesson to learn but it is also liberating and very powerful to know that I have the power. I learned various techniques on how to hold on to my power and deal with situations or people in a much more positive way than what I would have done 10 weeks ago. The mere fact to let emotions and thoughts surface, be aware of them and then let them go has proven very effective. I have a young son and I’m glad I had the opportunity to undergo this transformational coaching session with Tracey whilst my boy is still small. What a privilege to be able to teach and guide him in these self-development skills.

This life coaching programme impacted my life with positivity, accepting, forgiving, happiness, loving and permanent smiling. Tracey helped me change my mind accepting energy. When I first got to Tracey, I did not understand how negative I was with my thoughts due to my company terminating my services. After my last session with Tracey I left the Company with a big smile and loving feeling. Tracey changed my life. She is someone who always welcomed me with a big hug and warm smile I will highly recommend Tracey’s life coaching sessions they will definitely help.

 My coaching programme with Tracey Kennedy was the solution to my prolonged pattern of neglecting my wishes, and scurrying around pleasing everybody else, by trying to keep the peace in the family in the “daily struggle” of caring for my husband with advanced dementia and a farming business. It gave me techniques of how to let go of the past and to reset my subconscious mind and to be more in control of my life and to realize my value. I found Tracey Kennedy a very approachable, warm, switched on confidant with complete understanding of my situation, and my needs. She never tired of repeating anything and of bringing me back to these new techniques of self- help she teaches. She gave me a new lease on life by making me enlightened. Thank you so much Tracey, I should have done this a long time ago, but it is never too late – I am 61!

This program has had and will continue to have a profound impact on my life. Years spent trying to understand the way my mind works and coping with a lot of chaos and hurt led me to break point and I was desperate to find some meaning and get some answers. I knew about many of the concepts covered in the course but had never had the ability to really put them into practice and fully understand them. It is not like other courses or self-help books where you are fed a lot of info and then go off and forget most of it within days, wasting time and money. There are proper steps in place to almost force (in a very good way) yourself into doing what is necessary to help actually help yourself! Tracey is very articulate and a wonderful person. She is kind and firm at the same time and very committed to her client. She is always organised, very much in control of things and hugely competent in what she does. Her style is upbeat, and she gets the message across well. She has a great sense of humour and is a genuinely caring person. She does want you to get the full value out of your time and money so she will expect you to meet her half way. She is simply great. I am looking forward to my next course.


I started this journey to help me with my anxiety and stress. I felt like my life was being ruled by my anxiety and even though I felt like most of my anxiety was justified I was tired of living in fear and stress resulting in insomnia. This programme is phenomenal in terms of how I noticed my stress levels come down and helping me tackle issues in my life from another perspective which aided my ability to cope. I myself feel more at ease, sleep better and it is noticeable as I am getting compliments on how relaxed I look. This programme also aided me in dealing with situations that would usually result in my temper being activated; I feel like I can now stand back in a situation and not react from anger but rather from a rational place. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to take part in this course as it has met my expectations and helped me with exactly what I needed. Life changer. I really enjoyed Tracey as a coach; she is approachable, down to earth and passionate about what she does. She is open and honest and has a good instinct on what her clients need. I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so.