Falk Winter

Transformation Life Coach

Century City, Cape Town and Internationally

Master Life Transformation Coach, MBA in International Business; Master in Mechanical Engineering and Teaching

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Life Transforming Coaching Falk Winter, Century Way, Century City, Cape Town, South Africa

Life Transforming Coaching  Because : You can. 

Transform your life in 5 powerful sessions over 5 weeks to eliminate the CAUSES of your stress/ burnout, depression or anger. We will eliminate deeply engrained, mostly unconscious issues, negative emotions like doubt, anger, guilt, worry, fear or anxiety; as well as limiting beliefs like “ I am not good enough.” and empower you to make courageous decisions to create the life you desire. I will work with you in an intense, inspiring, uplifting, high energy coaching course which addresses your specific personal problem in the areas of stress, depression or anger to overcome your current challenges. You will get rid of your present problem, be clear about your purpose in life and make the transformation to your next level.

Trainings and Workshops for Companies / Organizations are Offered in 3 main areas:

  • Productivity Toolkit: 9 Rules to double your productivity in 30 days.
  • Sales: How to avoid these common mistakes in sales and do this instead.
  • Mind / Success: How to use your mind correctly to create all the success you desire?

My expertise lies in transforming people’s lives and boosting sales in small (5-10 People) sales teams.

My Methodology and Approach Include:

  • Inner Conflict Therapy
  • Negative Emotion / Belief Therapy
  • Energy Healing
  • Goal Achieving System
  • Inner Freedom Coaching System
  • Instant Let Go Gift …

Other tools that I use to get the best results for my clients are:  25 years of international sales and marketing experience in Europe and Africa; entrepreneur; insights and experiences from traveling to over 100 countries, and living and working in 10.

I specialize in empowering my clients to solve their problems in the areas of stress/burnout, depression and anger,  change management, making confidently life altering decisions. My passion and purpose is to enable my clients to solve their issue(s), to make the transformation, to “become happy” and to live the life of their dreams. I am very inspired seeing my clients totally changed, empowered and ready to face any challenge.

My Clients Include:

  • Executives
  • Expats
  • Employees
  • Students
  • Pensioners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Sales teams (5 – 10 people)

Additionally, I work as the Sales Director for Solutions Connexion, selling eSkills audits, and I am a member of COMENSA and ICR.

My Training Includes:

  • MBA in International Business (Thunderbrid, USA)
  • Master Life Transformation Coach
  • Diploma Engineer Pedagogue in Mechanical Engineering
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner
  • Sales Trainer.

My Strengths and Attributes are:

  • Achieving Results
  • Enthusiastic
  • High Energy
  • Passionate
  • Experienced
  • Optimistic
  • Happy

My Clients have the Following to Say:

“Before approaching Falk I was going through some difficult changes in my career which were starting to impact my overall health. Initially I was skeptical about reaching out to a life coach but once I came across Falk I knew that this was something to invest it. I can confidently say that this is one of the  best investments I have ever made! I have clarity of thought, know what my desired goals are and most importantly have been equipped with the tools to attain these goals. The variety of tools and techniques that Falk introduced me to have been a game changer. Falk also took the time and effort to explain the science and research behind various of his techniques – as someone who is analytically minded this really appealed to me. In summary Falk is able to tailor his techniques and vast experience to the person who sits in front of him. Thank you Falk, my friend and mentor.”
John L.

When I approached Falk, I was about a year into working on transforming my life situation, but struggling to prioritize and thus often creating more problems that solutions. A few sessions in, was pleased to find that in multiple regards I was on the right track.  Working with Falk has provided me with a source of insight and an accountability partner for the duration of the coaching and this has really helped me to move forward and make long desired progress.
– I discovered many things about myself when prompted by Falk. There was much about me that was previously not in my conscious awareness.
– Falk has provided me with tools and frameworks that gave me a better understanding of my needs and drives and how best to work with them.
I feel that I will keep drawing benefits from having done the coaching for a long time.
Wilson W.

I came across Falk Winter transformational coaching by simply trawling the net for help! I am very glad that I chose him as I received invaluable knowledge at a crucial time in my life. I highly recommend his teaching  ways  of making you feel it’s all going to be alright, I have a better understanding of how thoughts and feelings play such a crucial part in my life and can now deal with them better.
Angelo L.

I came across Falk’s website at a particular challenging time in my life…and it spoke to me immediately.  I was looking for a coach to guide me through transforming my thinking of myself, my circumstances and life in general and to find happiness.  I was also looking for a coach that took the role that the subconscious mind plays in your thought process into account.  Falk’s approach to coaching encompasses all of this!
I found Falk’s approach to be fresh, full of energy and empathy, but at the same time calling you to be accountable.  The techniques that he uses are unconventional but it works!  As I started integrating these
practices into my life and I started changing my ways of thinking…. things started to make sense and fall into place…
All conversations with Falk was focused on creating an ideal reality and getting excited about that and not on dwelling on the past. I am forever grateful to Falk and the guidance and foundation that he has given me to transform my life.
Marzanne S.

I contacted Falk earlier this year due to a set of problems that I could not resolve. The 5 powerful, transforming sessions that followed, changed my life forever and placed me in a position that I could never previously have imagined.
Falk’s powerful interventions are facilitated by his mastery of the  techniques, as well as his professional conduct, personable approach and dedication to me as client. I strongly recommend Falk where life coaching is required.
Willem B.

I advise you to do the life transforming course to take the necessary positive steps to become a better version of yourself. I was in a very  dark place, spiritually emotionally and financially I hit rock bottom. I needed help so I was looking for a life transforming coach to make serious changes.
With Falk’s professional one to one consulting sessions he gave me the right tools to improve my life, he taught me how to focus on the present moment to create my own reality and let go of the past…
The life coaching sessions were exactly what I was looking for to get myself out of my negative mindsets into a more relaxed positive state of mind while being aligned with my purpose. The life transforming coaching sessions with Falk Winter surpassed my expectations, it was proactive, high energy with positive vibrations!
Thank you Falk!
PS: I’m excited about life, it puts a spring in my step.
Norman N