Nantes Kelder

Teen & Young Adult Life Coach
Pretoria North
Mobile Number: 084 619 8264
Pretoria North, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, Gauteng

Nantes Kelder is the founder and owner of Welwitschia Life Coaching. Nantes is a Life coach, Motivational Speaker from Pretoria, Gauteng South Africa. He has a passion for children, a unique connection with adolescents and is an inspiration to adults. His strategies has motivated, educated and inspired people across the country. His passion is helping people to live their healthiest, happiest, most fulfilling life.

Nantes’s unique life coaching approach creates an opportunity for individuals and groups to have a personal guidance system for everyday life. Through this unique system people can increase their potential to achieve the aims that matter to them while traveling on a road of unstoppable development and endless possibilities which will open up to individuals on their journey.

As your partner and coach, Nantes will help you to remove what stands in the way of achieving your desires through clear, concrete and measurable goals, while supporting you to connect with your own inner wisdom.

Nantes has 10+ years’ experience in individual counselling and coaching. He has helped numerous individuals discover their potential and live a life of endless possibilities. He has a great passion for working with children, especially adolescents. Nantes are especially enjoyed by children for his world class humour, sensitivity, intuitiveness and determination.

If you manage to make it onto Nantes’s client list, count yourself blessed – for it will be the best decision you ever make towards unlocking the life you always wanted to live.

His areas of specialization include:

Family and parenting
Personal development
Motivational Speaker
Teen/Young adult

Registered with:

Comensa (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa)
Global Federation for Coaches and Mental Professionals
Federation of NLP practitioners
Certified and powered by Let’s Live Coaching