Tarien Roux - Deer Heart Coaching - Southern Suburbs Cape Town

Tarien Roux

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Human connection specialist

Tarien Roux - Deer Heart Coaching - Southern Suburbs Cape Town

Cape Town (southern suburbs)

Life Coach | Action Factory; NLP Practitioner | Action Factory; Executive and Management Coach | UCT Graduate School of Business; MA Social Anthropology | UCT; BA Hons Documentary film | UCT; BA English and Journalism | UP; Hatha Yoga Teacher | Viktor vd Kleij

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Welcome, I’m Tarien and I offer one-on-one coaching sessions from my home in Cape Town where I help people connect to the life their soul longs for. I believe that our souls yearn for connection. I want you to discover what your life can look like when you live from this place of connection. Because I know that you will feel more joyful, aligned, and harmonious.

I’ll be the first to say that following your soul’s yearning can be scary, because the call of your soul doesn’t come with a map or guidebook. Everyone’s path is unique.

Many are too afraid to take the first step, or maybe you have, but you’ve experienced a lot of trial-and-error along the way leaving you feeling unsure about the next step. Or maybe you’ve reached a point of accepting that this is just the life you’re supposed to live.

But you can’t stop that niggling feeling that there’s more to life.

I want you to know that I’ve been where you are, and that this is just a temporary detour on your life path. With a little bit of my guidance you’ll be supported to reconnect to your path and feel empowered to connect to the life your soul longs for.

As your Life Coach, I will support and empower you to:

  • Discover your unique path to feeling connected
  • Find the balance and the peace of acceptance
  • Move into joy with clarity and vitality
  • Move from stagnation to connection and growth
  • Highlight and celebrate your strengths and achievements
  • Create realistic goals and development plans
  • Enhance your self-awareness
  • Improve your ability to make authentic decisions
  • Explore how to access your innate wisdom, intuition, and inner guidance
  • Clarify what you truly want for your life
  • Liberate your from limiting beliefs, patterns, and behaviours
  • Recognise and release challenging, confusing, and overwhelming emotions and situations

I radiate a calm and gentle energy that provides a sense of safety so that you can relax and reconnect with your true self to experience real transformation, success, and joy. It is only when you feel completely safe and relaxed that you are able to connect with your true nature and experience the courageous expansion of growth.


I was awake watching my mind cycle over its full negative range since 4am. I just watched it, with no reaction at all. Your explanation yesterday gave me distance from it. By the time I was ready to get up, I felt something heal. The space between me and it settled in, and for the first time I felt the possibility that I could just turn, turn away, from everything that has happened to me, and step into something I choose for myself. It’s going to take discipline but I understand how to do it now. Thank you Tarien.


I had the privilege of a Neuro-linguistic Programming session with Tarien. I am very new to NLP and do not have much experience with it. At the time, I was facing a difficult decision of whether to accept a job offer in Knysna, requiring me to relocate, or to stay on in Cape Town and continue to plan and work at a more long term goal I had for myself. There were some doubts in my mind about whether the latter option would be financially feasible.
In the hour with Tarien, she verbally guided me into a meditative space of self inquiry, her words gentle yet direct. Tarien helped me to stay on track in my thought process and inner exploration, without becoming too emotional, in an attempt to gain clarity on the decision I had to make. On this journey, I was encouraged to visualize each option and make associations with colours and shapes. Strange at first, I was able to accept the process with her support and allow it to unfold. These beautiful images are meaningful to me, and the session with Tarien was an extraordinary experience! She holds space well. With gratitude, Andria


From our very first interaction, Tarien was professional, timeous and trustworthy. She made me feel comfortable and safe which allowed me to be more vulnerable and express myself more fully. Tarien guided me through an embodied process which revealed a number of surprising results and insights. At the end of the session, I felt incredibly calm and grounded and felt an empowered sense of optimism towards some of the challenges that I had discussed in our session. I definitely noticed a shift both in my thinking and behaviour in the week after our session. We had an online session and I felt it was just as effective as meeting in person. I can only imagine that ongoing sessions with Tarien would be immensely useful and supportive.


Thank you, Tarien for the session. You had an easy rapport in the discovery call and a gentle manner during the session. The session was well managed, in that you were patient in creating enough space created for the images to appear. Your skillful questions helped to get to explore the core of the issue. I will recommend your services.