Slingsby Mda – Esto Quod Es

Transformation Coach

Sandton, Johannesburg

CA; Transformation Coach, Life Coach, Negative Emotional Therapist & NLP Practitioner (Transformation Coaching Academy 2020)


205 Rivonia Road, Morningside, Sandton, South Africa

Slingsby is a seasoned professional with Executive and Non-Executive Director experience.

Slingsby is a driver. People trust his expertise and intuition, so they tend to move quickly under his guidance. He is persuasive, telling powerful, meaningful stories that help others to get on board with ideas, opinions and understanding. Winning over skeptics is thrilling for him, particularly if it includes converting them from their present loyalties and he is very resilient. His strength is his ability to explain precisely why product/solution is unique. He is a salesperson, and the more competitive the field, the better. He tends to excel in roles where there is freedom, change is the order of the day, and enjoys making rain.

He has put his CA qualification to good use, gaining considerable experience in:

  • Financial Management;
  • Business Development;
  • Corporate Governance;
  • Business Processes Management; and
  • Negotiations.

Through his work at the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE), South African Weather Service (SAWS) and Deloitte he has had fair exposure to the Aviation Sector as follows:

  • At DPE, he was the Chief Director for Shareholder Management with an oversight role over SAA;
  • At SAWS, as CFO and General Manager Commercial, he was responsible negotiating the tariff charged to airlines by SAWS. The negotiations were with the Airline Association of South Africa (AASA) and the Regulator.
  • At Deloitte, he was the Lead Client Service Partner responsible for selling consulting services to SAA. He led the team that guided and advised National Treasury when they temporarily took over as shareholder of SAA from DPE.

Slingsby currently serves on the Johannesburg Property Company Board where he is also chairs the Audit Committee. He has vast experience in Boards, hence his coaching skills will add value to Corporate SA and Globally.

Coaching Focus

  • Nurturing and retaining black talent
  • Making Work Spiritual
  • Transcending your Personal Self
  • Be Who You Are
  • Avoiding the “Good Will Hunting Syndrome”, full of potential but not reaching it


  • CA
  • International Executive Development Program (Wits Business School| 2012)
  • Certificate in Global Business Services (CIMA 2018)
  • Advanced Negotiations plus Public Speaking (Maurice Kerrigan 2007)
  • Insight Training: Turning Point and Joyspring
  • Living from a Place of Surrender: Michael Singer
  • Transformation Coach, Life Coach, Negative Emotional Therapist & NLP Practitioner (Transformation Coaching Academy 2020)

Coaching Principles

In my coaching, I use the Michael Singer principles of making work spiritual. Actually making every environment that you play in spiritual. Our biggest problem is that we have a personal self that has a problem with everything. It has a problem with everything cause, it carries all the garbage from our childhood.

My main focus is on how to transcend the Personal Self and access the Authentic Self. In other words, be “Who You Are”, which is an English translation of the name of my company called “Esto Quod Es” (Latin).