Siobhan Jonker

Life Coach, Journey Therapist, Enneagram Practitioner

Morningside, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng

083 296 7433

408 Summit Road, Morningside, Johannesburg, South Africa

I work with adults and teenagers, specialising in relationship & emotional issues, personal growth, inner life & self–worth, and healthy lifestyle.

We have to begin the journey to determine the right path. You will experience a shift in perspective. As you begin to see the bigger picture, a deeper sense of meaning and purpose will emerge. You will be inspired to change, and you will discover gifts and resources you never knew you had.

How I Work

“The level of consciousness is the true level of cause. When our thinking is corrected, then so is our world.”                  Abraham Hicks.

Exploring our consciousness helps us to get clear on what we are creating every day with the thoughts we think and the beliefs we have about ourselves and our world. Once my clients are clear about what they are thinking and feeling, they can start to consciously create the life they want.

In my coaching, I help my clients to expand their awareness.   I am present to them. I listen, question and feed back to them what I have heard and understood. I provide the support and space for them to think deeply and feel what emotions need to be felt and integrated, so that they can gain fresh new perspectives and access their own inner wisdom.

Coaching gives you the tools to grow. I draw from a range of different modalities when working with a client and I adapt my approach to suit each individual.

My Background

I graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1988. In November 2006 I qualified as a Journey Therapist with Brandon Bays and went on to complete a diploma in Life Coaching through the Life Coaching Institute (UK) in November 2011. The Enneagram has always inspired and fascinated me, and in September 2016 I received my certification in the Enneagram through the Integrative Enneagram Accreditation Program.

I have been on my own personal journey towards wholeness for the past thirty years. I   attend ongoing training and supervision to broaden and deepen my knowledge and skills, and am currently in the process of signing up as a member of the IMCSA, which is a SAQA recognized professional body.


S Robertson, Human Resources
Came to see me after a relationship ended:

Siobhan has guided me through various life lessons and challenges such as heart break, loss, career hurdles and conflict. She has equipped me with the tools to live an authentic life where I have applied what I have learnt about myself. She is helping me learn to let go and move forward, one of the most universal and difficult challenges we all face. Siobhan is always warm and you immediately feel at ease talking to her. I cannot thank her enough for helping me pull through the darkest days of my life and for shaping me into the person I am today – someone actively seeking to create her own happiness.

Lulu, Makeup Artist
Came to see me for a renewed sense of direction:

Siobhan has helped me turn my life around. Every time I see her I leave feeling inspired and motivated. She is sensitive to my needs and goals and together we decide on a clear set of tasks to advance the direction in which my life is going. She always remembers to check in and follow up with me and ensures that I’m handling the tasks and projects. I would highly recommend Siobhan to anyone.

Sarah R, Graphic Designer
Came to see me for guidance in dealing with her father’s death :

Over the last 5 years I have had to overcome a few traumatic experiences. I had come to a standstill, this is the moment Siobhan came into my life. She has been the most inspirational and positive person I have come into contact with. Her genuine and kind hearted approach made me feel comfortable, allowing me to completely open up my heart and mind. An understanding, non-judgmental and personal environment is exactly what I needed in my extremely vulnerable state, and Siobhan’s approach was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Siobhan has given me the tools I needed to now carry on in life, attract the positive back in when life gets too much, and to just generally get my heart and head into the places they are meant to be. I use these tools almost every day.