Jurie Wessels

Senior Psychometrist and Integral Life Coach

Claremont, Cape Town

B. A Humanities (Stellenbosch University); B. A. Honours Psychology (UNISA); B. Psych Equivalence Psychometry (University of Johannesburg); Associate Certified Coaching (University of Cape Town)

061 974 6196




Library Square., Wilderness Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa

I am a Senior Psychometrist and a Specialist Life Coach for all ages, practicing with other psychologists from my practice in Claremont, Cape Town. I am a specialist in working with children and adolescents and I have over 10 years’ experience of implementing interventions with children from various backgrounds who presented with diverse difficulties.

I use the principals of Positive Psychology with the techniques of Integral Coaching to help create a new way of being for my clients. Psychometric Assessments can really provide self-insights and can answer many questions. With this new self-awareness, Coaching can gain traction and momentum. Learning barriers can be identified and appropriate strategies and personal self-concept enhancement allow children to be the best they can be. The parents of the children I work with are integrally involved in the coaching process where every fourth session is a parental guidance session where the parents are provided with coping techniques and guidance on the optimal development of their children.

My Qualifications:

I am a registered Psychometrist (PMT 0088315) with the HPCSA since 2012. I obtained my Psychology & Honours degrees through Stellenbosch University and UNISA. I then did my formal internship in Practical Psychometry at the Centre for Psychological Services and Career Development (PsyCad) at the University of Johannesburg. I also completed my Associate Certified Coaching (ACC) program as an Integral Coach (Registered with COMENSA) through the University of Cape Town.

While studying, I was involved with various community service initiatives where I worked with children and families from various backgrounds dealing with psycho-social difficulties. During 2011, I was also involved with Anti-Poaching, protecting Africa’s wildlife, especially our rhinos from poachers. These experiences and my knowledge in Psychology contributes to the work I do with my clients.

What is Integral Coaching and Psychometry?

Coaching is a process of development between the coach and his client who together create new possibilities of thinking, feeling and well-being. Coaching is a client-centred and solution focused process. The success of the coaching process can both be monitored and measured. As a solution focused process the client has a specific problem which they aim to solve in the coaching sessions. Sessions involve building and maintaining competencies in terms of how the client thinks, feels and behave in order to solve their own problems. A coaching style that is unconditionally supportive, goal orientated and progressive is utilized by me in my coaching work. I combine the science of measuring psychological capacities and processes (as a Psychometrist), with the methodologies of Integral Coaching with adults, children and adolescents for optimal well-being and development.

What does an Integral Coach and Psychometrist do?

  • Assist people who are feeling stuck in some aspect of their lives.
  • Solve new possibilities of thinking, feeling and behaving.
  • Learning appropriate coping skills.
  • Assist with life transitions, life changes and general life problems.
  • Career guidance.
  • Academic underachievement & study skills.
  • Identify intellectual, learning, cognitive, behavioural and emotional problems.
  • Solve learning, cognitive, behavioural and emotional problems using Integral Coaching methodologies.
  • Dealing with grief and bereavement.
  • Family conflict, parent-child conflict & parental guidance.
  • Poor self-esteem, self-concept enhancement, ego-building etc.
  • Peer conflict, social skills & interpersonal skills development.