Nomfundo Dlamini

Self Development/Career and NLP Coach

Durban – Upper Highway Assagay

•Honours – Bachelor of Social Science ( Psychology and Human Resources Management)- University of KwaZulu Natal •Certificate - Senior Management Development Programme – Stellenbosch University

083 556 0114

57 Assagay Road, Assagay, Outer West Durban, South Africa

I am originally from the beautiful city of Pietermaritzburg. I moved to Durban in my early teens and fell in love with the calming sea breeze. As an older sister to four brothers I naturally played the coaching role and it very quickly became my passion. I am passionate about people behaviour and helping people to unlock their potential and unlock “issues” that they are faced with on a daily basis. In my role as Human Resources Manager at a multinational for the past 10 years, I liaised with people from all different walks of life and personality types.

I am married, with two daughters (a teenager and a toddler). I have had my fair share of “stuckness” and NLP coaching provided me the breakthrough that I needed. That is why I am committed to helping others to face their challenges and to break free from the energy expenses that limit their potential and affect their wellbeing.

My belief is that the answers are already within you and so in order to help you find them, my coaching style is Practical, Relaxed, Simple and allows you to take ownership of your decisions without interference or judgement from me.

Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Punctuality and Professionalism are my values and they define exactly what I stand for.

Coaching Sessions

I start with an informal introduction session of an hour which costs R150. This allows me to understand your coaching needs, and for you to get clarity on what my coaching can give you.
If you choose to continue after that, we schedule coaching sessions that would be suitable for you.

At the end, you will get a report containing your coaching information for future reference and reflection.

The coaching type will be tailored specifically to your needs and goals. I provide the following coaching types:

  • Life/Self- development Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Preparation for Job Interviews Coaching
  • Preparation for the workplace Coaching
  • Management Coaching

The coaching sessions include but not limited to:

  • How to control your mind, your emotional state and your life.
  • Self-Management Techniques
  • Career Guidance
  • Preparing  for job interviews techniques
  • Practical ways of handling difficult conversations
  • How to set and achieve your goals


I do my individual coaching from a quiet, relaxed and calming environment at the Kemayu Health and Wellness Oasis in Assagay. For group coaching or workshops, I am can come to your venue or to a venue that will be convenient for you.

Who will benefit from my Coaching?

  • Current and aspiring leaders who need to:
    • Develop self-awareness to grow and achieve potential
    • Identify core strengths and value to the team and organisation
    • Understand their blind spots, development areas and create a clear development action plan.
    • Identify over-extensions and impact on self and relationships with all stakeholders.
    • Increase emotional intelligence to create strong and respectful relationships
    • Understand and respond to different personality and communication needs.
    • Give and receive feedback fluidly to support own and others growth
    • Work as a cohesive leadership team to ensure the organisation’s success.


  • Certified NLP Coach; Certified Practitioner of Timeline Therapy; Certified Practitioner of NLP – Coaching with NLP (2021)
  • Certified Lumina Spark Practitioner :Lumina Learning (2020)
  • Certificate : Women in Leadership – Stellenbosch University (2020)
  • Certificate:Executive and Management Coaching – UCT (2019)
  • Certificate: Senior Management Development Programme – Stellenbosch University (2015)
  • Honours: Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology and Human Resources Management)- University of KwaZulu Natal (2004)


“ You are one of the most empathetic, powerful and insightful coaches I know. It’s an honour to be colleagues in NLP.” Stephanie Moss, Assagay September 2019

“ You are one of the most consistent and authentic people I have ever met in my entire life. You have a heart of gold and a heart for people. To you I have realised that BreakFree NLP is more than a business but a sincere and concerted effort you put to pull up those who are stuck, to pull out those who are suffering in stagnancy and push and propel others towards a better version of themselves. Break Free NLP is successful because you ensure that others succeed. Thank you for finding your purpose and for pursuing it, if you hadn’t, we would have not even begun the journey back to our true selves. Here’s to more success for BreakFree NLP and your many prospective clients, who like me, will live with authenticity, having you as their life coach”. Khanyo Nxele, Durban- September 2019

“ Thanks for the wonderful introductory session, which was very relaxed, warm and lovely. Your profile is exactly what I experienced on Thursday and I’m really looking forward for our next session. I only had two hours at max with you but already feel revived in terms of regaining my self-esteem. I can feel that I will be a different person by end of 6 months with you”. Dudu, PortShepstone, South Coast August 2019

“ Thanks for being my coach, I am already feeling different. Thanks for making me discover the good person within me. After speaking to you I just felt great and went to spoil myself. This change I am embarking on is already felt. I bought myself a journal book which will always be a reminder of this beautiful journey which I am wholeheartedly looking forward to. Thanks Mam’ Dlamini.”  Pam, Newcastle August 2019

“ Definitely looking forward to our next coaching session”. Anonymous, Durban August 2019

“ Thanks for constantly encouraging me. I will commit and I will ensure that by the end I would have achieved something”. Dudu, PortShepstone, South Coast September 2019

“ Thanks for equipping me with preparation for presentations. Today I did a presentation in the Production meeting. I was so proud of myself because I prepared myself, spoke with confidence and my audience were receptive, they were happy and appreciated my presentation”. Anonymous, August 2019

“ Morning Nomfundo, I just want to thank you for your contribution to my self- development. I now see that person I have been seeing in my future is really existing. Thank you for your passion and determination to empower a human being. May your work be known throughout the globe.”  Anonymous, Hillcrest Durban September 2019

“ Coming to your coaching sessions and receiving your feedback just made me realise that what I have been internalising is possible, I must just step out and do! I am capable”. Anonymous, Howick September 2019.

“Hi Nomfundo
We had a great time during our work readiness programme with you. We learned a lot and gained much information especially on self – awareness ( build skills and improve knowledge, increase confidence, set of positive attitude to the workplace etc.)  and realised that we are a team, we feel appreciated.
We highly appreciate your effort and introducing new, positive and constructive ways of improving our lives.

  • We started our group coz we didn’t know each other until our session with you
  • We have decided to meet once a month to discuss how to overcome obstacles that we face at work
  • Uplift and build each other’s confidence and spirit
  • Have get together and maybe even do farewell for each other (but we need do discuss that with our Training and development officer)

You made us realise that we have something special within us, we can be a team and share values. You lightened our path and we are so grateful more than anything.”  Graduate Interns, Durban, September 2019

“ Hi Nomfundo, it was a pleasure to meet you too. Thank you for a good session. I know it was only an intro but I felt good afterwards”. Cynthia , Hillcrest Durban