The Sandton Coaching Centre

Coaching Company

What we offer

The Sandton Coaching Centre is an association of coaches, trainers and consultants who focus on organisational development, relationship systems and culture change. We offer Executive and Team Coaching, Change and Development Consulting, Coach Supervision, Leadership and Management Development and on-going development for internal and external coaches.

As specialists in change and systemic transformation consulting, we support companies in implementing strategy and improving performance through well managed and delivered leadership, people development and culture change programmes.

We provide advice and help you design the most suitable programmes for your company’s requirements. Our approach emphasises applied learning and multiple avenues of regular feedback as a way of addressing the realities and inertias in your organisational culture and the system you operate in as individuals, leaders, teams and as an organisation as a whole.

What we do goes beyond coaching skills or leadership development. We equip your organisation to learn how to actively manage its own development and change fitness and, ultimately, its agency, resilience and power in the world.

To do this we offer

  • Initial Exploration and active exploration contracting
  • Executive and Team Coaching
  • Active integration with corporate strategy
  • Guided professional level leadership development and change agent development
  • Accredited training and bespoke individual and organisational pathways to coaching, leadership and applied management professionalism
  • Feedback, quality control, active contracting and reality testing
  • Whole company integration and development
  • Best practice oversight and quality control of our facilitators, coaches and trainers through Communities of Practice and Coaching Supervision

We transform from the inside out according to your strategy and create shifts to the next level. As experienced coaches and consultants with various professional backgrounds, we are expert in the application of coaching in all contexts of organisations and the systems they operate it.

Our experience, and active applied philosophy, means that we can facilitate the integration and assimilation of all the benefits of the coaching philosophy into the way your organisation operates in real time and in a way that permanently lifts your organisation’s ability to learn and grow.

19 Belgrave Street, Bryanston, Sandton, South Africa