Cherforice Absalon

Recovery Specialist | Coach | Counsellor

Eldorado Park | Ennerdale | Soweto, Johannesburg

071 028 7486

Eldorado Park, Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa
Ennerdale, Johannesburg, South Africa

As a Recovery Coach:

‘You matter’ is spear headed by me, as A Certified Recovery Coach and counsellor with Lifeline and U-ACT, I am also a registered coach on ICR (International Coaching Register). I am also an ambassador for NICRO. I am a Registered Life, team and training coach on Noomii.

I offer Counselling in the following areas:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Marital
  • Trauma
  • Stress and
  • Other emotional instabilities like: bipolar, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders etc.

As a Recovery coach, I offer support group sessions for addicts of substance abuse, reintegration and coping mechanisms. Family support, grieve support, and emotional hurts and hang ups groups. One on one sessions by appointments.

Training, facilitating sessions and outdoor camps. Mentoring young girls into mentors and leaders.

I am currently running and practicing as a Recovery Coach in two communities, Eldorado Park and Ennerdale with former addicts. Our focal point is to coach these groups on coping mechanisms and practical survival methods. We service members with emotional Instabilities and attitude inferiorities.

Core functions are:

  • Coaching
  • Counselling
  • Mentoring and
  • Skills Development.

I am currently providing weekly support groups and meeting points for reintegration and family reconciliation. I am involved with local rehabilitation facilities, training facilitators and leaders to deal with different temperaments and preparation to the society after rehabilitation.

Referrals for families- assisting and guiding them to rehab centres with support systems.

I do coaching for support groups on a weekly basis, with rehab facilities and safe houses. I do individual coaching and counselling daily. The facilities refer and recommend ex-offenders and former addicts to me after rehabilitation of imprisonment. I do one on one sessions as well as group sessions. Recently I have enrolled as a motivational speaker and trainer for NICRO. I do training for facilities that would like to start support groups and run rehab facilities.

I am the Founder of ‘You matter’.
I do Recovery Coaching for former addicts and coping mechanisms after rehabilitation. I focus on reintegrating former addicts into support groups and follow up processes after rehab. I also offer individual and group counselling in the following areas: domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, marital, trauma, stress and other emotional instabilities like: bipolar, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, suicide etc. As part of the former addicts improvement, I also offer Family support, grieve support, and emotional Inventories, to help them work through the past issues and towards a better lifestyle.

I am currently running a weekly support groups in Ennerdale for Eldorado Park and Ennerdale and surrounding areas. Our group has been running consecutively Monday evenings and has a good consistency overhead and managed to establishment strong relationships with other rehab centres in the areas.

I focus on different topics to assist with coping in their daily approach to life and the people they hurt during their risk full behaviour, as well as starting over again. We work on getting better, ‘from a place of addiction to a place of control.’ With the demand, I have been able to network with some rehabs and are able to now place and assist families in need to a rehab for their loved ones.

I also train other members to become coaches and run support groups. My training is to help others start support groups and being consistent in helping someone else get better. We look into the ‘SELF’,‘OTHERS’ and ‘CONTROL’.

Mentoring young girls into mentors and leaders. NICRO Ambassador, Motivational Speaking.

My counselling career has been a core function of the groups that I work with and the basis of my one on one sessions. As I am able to listen and allow my groups to express themselves and work on methods on merit of the individual. My counselling experience allows me work on areas of concern and built on the needs of those I journey with. It also helps me to treat matters confidentially and gain trust from my groups and clients.

I believe that everyone can get back up! That anyone that can get help, if there is someone to care for them and someone that will walk with them through their ills. We all need a pick up- in more days then one.

I do Motivational Speaking, and is often invited to events and functions to encourage and reassure groups and entities. I have enrolled as a NICRO Ambassador to assist with small group events, motivational speaking and counselling.


  • Patricia-NICRO 073 897 8276;
  • Theresa- ICR Coach Register 082 712 5680;
  • Rev. Julian Absalon- Recovery Good News Centre 083 352 1828;
  • Vanessa Scheepers- 073 004 6680
  • Ms Tiamaria Boulton Sharp Treatment Centre; 072 808 6619