Leigh-Anne Brierley

Recovery Coach

Rosebank / Oaklands / Sandton, Johannesburg

Bachelors Degree (Economics & Business Management)

082 442 5710







Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Leigh-Anne Brierley is a certified Recovery and Life Coach. She is an internal and external Recovery Coach at The Foundation Clinic, working primarily in the area of substance abuse and recovery coaching in the clinic’s in- and outpatient programmes, as well as doing individual recovery coaching at the clinic.

She facilitates the clinic’s outpatient, Recovery Wellness Programme and is also responsible for Wellness and Recovery Training and Coaching in the corporate market, as well as being a Recovery Coach Trainer through The Ubuntu Academy of Coaching & Training (U-ACT).

She has training, education and facilitation experience and is passionate about the coaching work she does in aiding and supporting recovery for individuals and groups. Leigh-Anne has travelled extensively and worked abroad for many years, which has given her the opportunity to work with people from diverse language, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

She is committed to assisting and supporting people in their recovery journeys and is an advocate of multiple pathways to recovery. She is a huge believer in the forward-focused, solutions-driven approach of Recovery Coaching. Leigh-Anne is constantly striving to broaden her knowledge of addiction and substance abuse, and the role that coaching can play in the continuum of care for people in recovery from substance abuse, behavioural and eating disorders, as well as health challenges such as diabetes and HIV, as well as mental health and co-occuring disorders. She also runs her own business, Recovery Coaching SA, which she hopes will become another platform to drive Recovery Coaching in South Africa.


  • Bachelors Degree (Economics & Business Management)
  • Inner Life Skills | Business & Life Coach
  • Starting Point Academy (USA) | Master Recovery Coach
  • Ubuntu Academy of Coaching & Training U-ACT | (Addiction) Recovery Coach
  • Ubuntu Academy of Coaching & Training U-ACT | (Addiction) Recovery Coach Trainer

The Net Institute | Short courses in Substance Abuse

  • Addiction and the Brain
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Motivational Interviewing