Neo Menwe

PRO Life Coach
Midrand, Johannesburg North, Gauteng
Mobile Number: 082 88 33 582
Midrand, Johannesburg North, Gauteng

Neo Menwe is a Professional (PRO) Life Coach. I was born to serve, inspire and encourage others, to live purposefully and experience a fulfilling life, to embrace life and face life challenges with a positive mind-set, and have them realise that change is inevitable and brings great opportunities depending on how life is viewed. As a PRO Life Coach, I will enable you to retake control of your life by becoming aware that you have both complete responsibility for your own life and freedom of choice. My motto is “My life, my responsibility. If it has to be, it is up to me. I am responsible for living an abundant life”

I offer the benefits of the structured and practical 13 sessions programme, meeting face to face every fortnight (i.e. 6 months programme). The client is coached through a step by step programme and knows right from the onset what to expect from each coaching session. The content is enriching, inspiring and focuses, not only on achieving practical goals and milestones, but also on the client’s personal development.

I started this life coaching journey in 2012 as a student and completed my studies in 2014. I am currently working as a Senior Dealer in one of the big 4 banks and coaching part time. I am often featured on National radio station “Motsweding FM” on Saturdays at 7h50am for a 10 min motivation talk. I am an author of “TODAY I choose to respect him” and I do inspirational talks with youth, women and also couple seminars.

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  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Statistics at NWU – (2006 Mafikeng Campus).
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Statistics at NWU (2008 Mafikeng Campus).
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PDBA) at GIBS (2012 Graduate Institute of Business Science).
  • PRO Life Coach Certificate with New Insight Life Coach Training (2014 Passed with Distinction).
  • ACI Dealing Certificate (2017 Nov: Passed with Distinction)