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Jacqueline Warner

Personal Development Coach

“Supporting individuals to craft a life that resonates within them”

I am a Personal Development Coach in Durban, with an authentic passion for supporting individuals in a unique and meaningful way.

While I work with the NeuroLeadership – Results structure and the Transforming Insights process and model – both of which are a brain based approach to coaching, I also work very closely with my intuition and what I am picking up from the client that goes beyond the words they share in our conversations.

I consider myself to be warm, passionate, enthusiastic and committed to each and every one of my clients.

I feel privileged to be part of each of my client’s individual journeys…


Results Certified Coach – Powered by the NeuroLeadership Institute Global
Transforming Insight Coaching Skills

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I offer a personalised one on one coaching experience that supports an individual’s desire for positive change…

Personal Development coaching – supporting an individual to create the change or changes that offers them a life to love.
Career Coaching – supporting an individual in the context of their career.
Business Coaching – Supporting Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

Coaching Structure:-

One on one coaching series – 6 to 12 sessions over 3 to 6 months
The series focuses on carefully chosen areas for personal growth, own business or own career.
One on one thinking conversations
Focused on exploring an opportunity, a focus area or to work through a dilemma – typically used to support the client to gain traction and momentum to move forward in a way that resonates within them – Sessions can be once off or multiple sessions grouped together.
Sessions can be Face to face or telecalls via SKYPE.
Each session is between 60 to 90 minutes.
Sessions are on average scheduled between one to two weeks apart.

A little bit of Jacqueline’s background…

I am married and we have two young beautiful children.

17 odd years in the telecommunications/ cellular industry is where I was able to apply my knowledge, skills and experience in sales, marketing and account management, as well as leading a wonderful and diverse team.

In 2006 I was told that I had arthritis, I believe this was my “wake up” call, which forced me to re-evaluate my life. I realized the importance of having balance in my life and doing things that bring me joy and fulfillment. I believe when we don’t act on filling our “wells” that we create “dis-ease” within our bodies.

It was this “dis-ease” that created the opportunity for me to explore Life Coaching, so in 2007 I completed my Coaching Skills with Results and my love and passion for supporting individuals to create a life that resonates within them started…

As a coach observing the positive shifts in my client’s personal, business and career goals are truly inspirational and certainly keeps me motivated to continue what I love to do – coach.


I have worked mostly with women. From the corporate environment to entrepreneurs.
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