Marietta Coetzee

Personal and Business Coach
Royal Ascot, Milnerton, Cape Town
Telephone: 021 551 2829
Mobile Number: 082 445 5996
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Royal Ascot, Milnerton, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Master NLP  Practitioner and Coach
(ex corporate management citizen)

  • Are you worried that life is passing you by and you will never get what you want, or live up to your potential? Is your job eating up your life?
  • Are you experiencing difficulties staying motivated, getting the right things done?
  • Are you dreaming of starting  your own business?  Online perhaps?  Create passive income?

We need a different approach to life in the fast paced, ever changing and demanding world that we live in now. We need to know and understand ourselves on all levels so that we can manage the demands of life and take advantage of the opportunities that are available to us.

My focus is to help you

  • get in touch with what you really want
  • understand your strengths and challenges
  • get skilled in managing your emotions and relationships
  • create the life you want
  • drop the baggage that stands in the way of sustainable change

Find out about my exciting new Companion - Coach Program. Coaching when you need it (see website)

My clients are delighted when they find out how easy change can be.   And so will you!

I am a Master NLP Practitioner and coach able to integrate brain research with NLP to ensure that you understand how and why you do what you do, and how to change that permanently.

NLP is sometimes called a “Manual for your brain” and teamed with neuroscience it is an unbeatable tool in the hands of an experienced coach. I have been an NLP coach for 13 years working with corporate and private clients.

Whether you find yourself in the executive suite, in middle management, in a team, in your own business (or wanting to start one), in a professional environment, or at home you will benefit from this approach from the very first session.

Registered with Comensa.

Please visit my website for more details and testimonials.

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