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Leadership and Team Training and Facilitating

Cape Town

SABPP Hr Professional, Cert (UCT); Neuro Coach; Comensa Member; B Economics and Politics (UCT); B Hons International Relations (UCT); Dipl Coach TCC; Comensa Registered Coach; NLP Practitioner; Enneagram Practitioner; Marketer and Digital Marketer

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Cape Town, South Africa

Lead with Greater Awareness.

Kathy English Brower and Sandra Todd, partners at Peas in a Pod, are passionate about enabling people to transform themselves personally and professionally.

We activate leaders and teams to achieve their highest potential. Powerful future-proof organisations develop ACTIVE © leaders and purposeful collaborative teams. Empower your teams and leaders with break-through coaching, workshops and virtual training.

Our programmes integrate the science of strengths, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and neuroscience with the ACTIVE© Leadership competencies required to lead successfully in an ever changing world to ensure real adoption of new skills and change happens with forward momentum.
All of our facilitators are SETA accredited and have a wide range of expertise ranging from business experience, management, coaching, facilitating and marketing. We offer:

  • Coaching programmes
  • Training and workshops, in-venue and virtually
  • Skills development programmes with accredited unit standards (NQF5)
  • Learnerships – Gen Management (NQF 5)
  • Monthly LEAD Peer Forums for team leaders, managers, execs, HRM’s.
  • Open public course

Peas in a Pod Leadership Academy is focused on helping organisations elevate their results through the development of ACTIVE© Leaders, and the Emotionally Intelligent, Growth Cultures they in turn create. We partner you in building resilient, proactive, forward moving, energised organisations with ACTIVE, aware, highly effective leaders and next generation teams.

“What’s different about Peas in a Pod team and leadership development training is the highly effective, actionable take-aways that transform our teams and leaders impact. It is amazing, we already started setting change in motion in the room!” Bev Wynne, Gatehouse.

When leaders start shifting from reactive to creative, the organisation begins to develop a highly evolved, emotionally intelligent, growth culture. This is the very essence of what ACTIVE© Leadership is all about.

As experienced corporate leaders and business owners we found that one-off training initiatives don’t have a lasting impact. That is why we created the LEAD Development Formula© (Peas in a Pod (Pty) Ltd 2018) as a guiding principle for the work we do.

Our services includes facilitated team workshops, courses in management and leadership, soft skills, business courses and coaching.

We empower you to increase team performance and thus enhance bottom line earnings. We coach key individuals, high potential individuals into management; team leaders, managers and leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs to leverage your strengths. Our philosophy is built on getting teams and individuals to power by knowing and playing to their strengths.

Play to your team’s strengths to boost innovation, productivity and profitability.

Some of our flagship workshops include accredited and unaccredited programmes including:

  • ACTIVE ©Team or Leader Strengths
  • EQ Essentials for every leader
  • EQ Launchpad for teams
  • Manager to Coach
  • Creating a Growth Culture
  • Inspirational Women Leaders
  • Edward De Bono 6 Hats creative strategies
  • Enneagram Team Synergy
  • McKinsey 9 Box Talent Review
  • Team Strategy, Synergy and Strengths workshops
  • Driving Change
  • Collaborative Thriving Teams
  • Delivering through others
  • Measuring and Monitoring
  • Effective Feedback
  • Powerful One on Ones
  • Versatile Project Management
  • Leading for Innovation
  • Effective Time Management

We aim for nothing short of people excellence.