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SABPP Hr Professional, Cert (UCT); Neuro Coach; Comensa Member; B Economics and Politics (UCT); B Hons International Relations (UCT); Dipl Coach TCC; Comensa Registered Coach; NLP Practitioner; Enneagram Practitioner; Marketer and Digital Marketer

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Peas in a Pod Leadership Academy


Sunclare Building, 7708 Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa

Set yourself as an individual, employee or manager on the path to success. Our top-notch experts will give your employees breakthroughs in their self-, team- and leader- development with highly effective ACTIVE© Leadership values and skills.

 Peas in a Pod Leadership Academy prides itself on its track record of creating and delivering engaging and high impact coaching and training programmes with corporates as well as SME’s, NPO and government clients.

 Our coaching and training approach is based on the neuro-science of effective learning and we ensure that coaching and training leads to measurable change and turns into skills and behaviours that drives results and benefit the individual participant, the team and the organisation from day one. Your organisation and delegates’ commitment is as important in this process, because we know that action plans and follow through – applying what is learnt – is the key step in turning theory into skills and new behaviours. For best results, we focus on developing Strengths – because we believe that when leaders, individuals and teams are their best; people thrive and business performance soars.

“Peas in Pod started with strengths training and coaching which revolutionised the way our leadership
team worked together. We gained a deeper understanding of one another and began to work more
effectively together. What was created was a more cohesive leadership team who began to build their
respective teams more strategically. As leadership, we began to effectively step away from actioning
operational tasks and transitioned to delivering more efficiently through our teams. This allowed the
leadership team to begin focusing on more strategic objectives in relation to the business.”

– N.Gould, PayFast (2023)

The Services and Expertise we Offer:

  • Accredited and unaccredited training in People Leadership, Business Management, Critical Soft Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication and Conflict Management, Strategy, Risk, Finance, Data and Project Management 
  • Coaching Programmes aligned with desired outcomes be it emotional intelligence development, career development, skill development, job readiness, self-management, team and people management, influencing or communication effectiveness 
  • Team Strengths Development Workshops – which we align with teams’ other outcome requirements to be just right for your team.
  • Design of ACTIVE© Leadership bespoke training initiatives tailored to client employee and manager development needs 
  • ACTIVE© Leader Coach Training 
  • Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching
  • Team and Group Coaching
  • Gallup CliftonStrengths and Enneagram IE9 Profiling and Coaching

Become an ACTIVE© Leader Coach

If you are looking for the “x-factor” that will set your managers apart with skills, knowledge and values to build a growth mindset culture with higher performance and engagement in your organisation, consider training your managers to become ACTIVE© Manager – Coaches. This ICF Level 1 aligned course will equip your line- and middle- managers as well as experienced and senior managers and leaders who are aiming for next level success and excellence to get the best from their team. They develop knowhow and become positioned to not only manage individuals and teams, but to become a partner in their team members’ development. When your managers graduate from the ACTIVE© Manager Coach training they become qualified coaches and eligible to start their coach accreditation process with the International Coach Federation, widely known as the gold standard in the coaching profession.

Management and Leadership Training

Enquire about ACTIVE© Leadership training for managers and leaders at all levels. A must-have flagship training programme (4 training modules* set at different levels of leadership skill) that sets your team leaders, supervisors, middle- and senior managers as well as leaders on the path to success, while also offering them the option of individual or group coaching support to embed their learning and apply it directly to their environment and in-situ context. You can choose to run one Module or more for your management teams.

“Over the course of this training I have learnt valuable ACTIVE© leadership skills and tools
to help me with better strategies for how to deal with people and achieve objectives in my team”
-Manager Delegate, 2023.

Wherever your managers and leaders are in their leadership journey, whether up-and-coming into a team leaders or supervisor role; a new or experienced manager; there are best-practice management tools to get higher performance from your team as a leader at any level. Levels of ACTIVE© Leadership unpacks your key management tool-kit step by step. Yes – like all our training and development programmes, it includes individual manager strengths development too.

How to Empower Teams with Strengths Feedback and Delegation, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Effective Communication, Finances, Ethics, Diversity, Data Analysis, Change Management, Conflict, and Managing a Team for High Performance are just some of the training topics we offer. Set your managers apart when they graduate from an ACTIVE© Leadership Programme as leaders who are Aware, Connected, Targeted, Innovative, Versatile and Engaged.

Our high impact, neuro-science based training approach ensures that your managers embed the learning and create the desired change in your organisation. They will become inspired and activated with new skills from day one of the training.

*Accredited or unaccredited training based on NQF5 Higher Certificate in General Management.

Team Strengths Workshops and Group Coaching

Sign your team up for a Strengths or Enneagram team workshop. Participants learn their Top 5 CliftonStrengths to start the journey of the team’s development to play to strengths for greater collaboration and results. Make your team goals more easily attainable by ensuring everyone if moving forward together while building the foundation for a core culture and change mindset tool for higher performance, better engagement and greater productivity. Teams that play to strengths are simply more likely to succeed.

Strengths-based teams also have lower absenteeism, up to 70% less employee attrition, up to 17% more performance and better wellbeing, and the added bonus of up to 21% higher profitability for your business. -Gallup

If your team is experiencing conflict, want to learn to build growth mindsets, or need to work on their customer service collectively – or whether you are simply looking for an inspiring brain storming opportunity where your team can innovate together, we also offer Group Coaching that is highly effective to catalyze group learning and development.

Our workshops, training, and coaching programmes alike are based on the neuroscience of effective learning and leading and has a real impact that benefits the leader and their team from the very first day.

Virtual and Country-wide Experienced Coaches

We love partnering with your interns, employees, managers and leaders for individual coaching. Our Southern Africa coaching team comprises over 20 coaches who will partner for their skill, career and leadership development goals. Our highly effective coaching approach always incorporates ACTIVE© Leader development – be it self-, team-, business- or people- leadership that you are seeking. Together with a neuro-science evidence-based approach to coaching, this leads to breakthroughs and results that benefit the individual and the organisation – from the very first coaching session. Our goal is to develop coaching delegates’ strengths because amazing growth happens when you focus on what is right rather than what is wrong. We believe that when people play to their strengths and develop into their best potential, leaders and teams achieve great things. Organisations grow when people grow!

What’s Next – Get Started

Our clients’ increased personal and business success is our best testament to the quality of our cutting-edge training and coaching. Connect with us for an obligation-free chat to brainstorm your needs and how you can leverage our coaching, training and team workshop services to get the outcomes your employees, managers and organisation want.

Sunclare Building, 7708 Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa