Soraya Matthews - Online Transformation Life Coach

Soraya Matthews

Life, Corporate & Career Coach

Soraya Matthews - Online Transformation Life Coach


certified Transformation Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Emotional Therapy Practitioner; Psychology certification from University of Derby (UK); Leadership Enhancement Programme certification from University of Cape Town

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There is a source to what keeps us stuck and creates difficulty in our lives. And we also have the answers, which are unique to our life’s journey. And that’s where I come in. It’s not enough being told what’s wrong, we need to be shown how to fix it.

Everything I share with you, I’ve done myself. That’s why I know it will change your life.

Feedback from my clients

FH says; “Soraya is very inspirational. She has helped me put things into perspective. She’s able to grasp what I’m feeling but just not grasping. She helps me verbalise it and outwardly acknowledge it.”

FK says; “Soraya has made me feel it’s human to have needs and not be ashamed to share this. She has helped me find my shy and scared voice and helped me understand where along the way I lost it. She has most importantly taught how to manage my feelings of guilt and shame. She has given me the confidence to say no and recognise and draw my boundaries. I can listen to people in my work and private life and not get emotionally tagged. Finding my lost voice has liberated me.”

KS says; “Because of her knowledge from her own heart space, Soraya knows when to dive deeper. She knows when she’s not getting the authentic answer. She knows when there’s more to it.”

Choosing to work with me

You know what? We all need support. And I know you’re ready for this!

Taking this next step can be daunting, and becoming our best self doesn’t only happen during a 1 hour time slot. I am therefore available to my clients on WhatsApp /E-mail outside of sessions (ask me more about this).

I am a South African based in the UK and therefore only work online.

A little about me

I feel like I’ve always been a coach, the person people naturally gravitate towards when they need support. That was true in my corporate career and my personal life. So it felt natural to study psychology and become certified as a coach. And because of my own personal journey, I know very well the traps we fall into. Whether that’s in our careers or our personal relationships.

Below is an excerpt from a blurb I wrote about my own journey; “I was afraid of everything and willing to try anything because for the first time in my life I knew I wanted to be better for myself. I knew I had to take responsibility and I knew that if I did, it would have a fundamental effect not only in my life, but for my kids and my relationships and what I wanted to accomplish in my career.”

My greatest accomplishment has been the work I’ve done on myself. We have all the tools, we just need guidance on how to uncover them.