Lisa Steingold

Online Performance Coach


Diploma in Counselling with over a decade in Executive Marketing Roles and Coaching

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Oviedo, Spain

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to unlock potential; my own, people I’ve worked with, and brands.

I do believe that if we have but one purpose in this life, it’s to do just that; live a full, authentic and meaningful life in a manner that makes sense to us –  and in order to do that, we must unlock our potential.

I’ve failed. I’ve failed fast and I’ve failed until I’ve learnt. As a result I’ve worked as an executive level marketer leading teams both in South Africa and the United Kingdom achieving business and brand results. I’ve written a number of books including “Cut the Crap; the Power of Authenticity for Brands”. I’ve cycled round Vietnam, the Alps and Spain. I’ve contributed to topical media including Oprah Magazine, Psychologies and Entrepreneur magazine. Above this all I’ve learnt how what we believe and our behaviour contributes more to our lives than we realise.

Looking to rebuild a part of your life? YOU CAN
Know that you can achieve so much more? YOU CAN
Wondering if you can break through your barriers? YOU CAN
Feel burnout and don’t know how to manage it? YOU CAN

Magic is simply a matter of mindset and to see the magic unfold, well you simply have to see it all differently.

Easy as 1,2,3…

The only way you can ever truly have Magic in life is to Unlock Magic from the INSIDE out, not the other way around.


If you want something to be different, you have to…

  • Change the way you see – PERCEPTION
  • Change the way you think – BELIEFS
  • Change your approach – HABITS

The MAP for MAGIC, OUR journey together will mean:

  • Admitting what you REALLY REALLY want and more importantly WHY
  • Seeing what’s holding you back
  • Owning your Sh*t (Yup with a capital ‘S’) including the ways in which you sabotage yourself, your beliefs, and your behavoiur
  • Feeling uncomfortable as you open to new possibilities
  • Admitting your non-negotiables
  • And More!


Performance coach – turning can’t into Ya’sta every other day!
Ya’sta is a Spanish word for done! It always seems impossible until it’s done.

I have a Diploma in Counselling with a long history in performance marketing which is where I learnt just what a prolific impact adopting a growth mindset makes.

I’ve been an avid student of psychology and have utilised my studies and life experience to work in unlocking the potential; of myself, clients and brands around the globe.

If you’re ready to unlock magic, let’s connect!