Gavin Graeme Dick - Online Life Coach - South Africa

Gavin Graeme

Online Life Coach

Gavin Graeme Dick - Online Life Coach - South Africa

Ferndale, Randburg & Online

UCT coaching certificate, Project Management Professional

+27 83 509 3303


328 Cork Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg, South Africa

Life is a project

I have over 20 years of experience as a corporate project manager. My unique value may lie in my extensive corporate experience in goal setting, planning complex projects, as well as identifying risks.

As a life coach, I’m able to utilize questioning, in an open, honest and relaxed engagement.

I follow ethical principles and industry best practices. Conversations and information remain confidential, and I am a member of the South African coaching industry body. I add value by helping you list your goals and work toward them step-by-step, creating your life plan.

You start the process with a free 30-minute consultation and decide if you are willing to move ahead. I explain the process in the meeting. We will look at your priorities, and in which area of your life you want coaching.
Business, Money, Relationships, Career, Work-Life Balance, Spirit, Entrepreneurship, and Family, are all areas I have experience in. I am not a therapist, so I focus on forward-thinking and in the end, you do the hard work, which is making the progress you want to see.

I’m constantly learning tools, techniques and information in several coaching-related areas like Forgiveness, Happiness, Anger Management, Health and Weight Loss.

I add value by helping you clarify goals, prioritize tasks and monitor progress, like a project manager would on a large project. The project here is you.

I work online which means I’m available to a worldwide client base.
My interest in becoming a digital nomad is sailing a boat, which has led me toward this career. If you are an entrepreneur, an aspiring digital nomad, or want to work for yourself, I will help you start, or further your aspirations. Perhaps you will identify your true purpose.

I have a relaxed conversational style but remain professional, courteous, honest and value-driven.

I believe we all have talent and aspire to improve our current selves. I help you identify and work towards your better self.

I enjoy working with youth, those starting out or wanting help to get started. I’m also comfortable working with executives making transitions.
I’d like to work with you. I use several frameworks and customize my coaching model to suit your needs or circumstances.

If you have an interest in being coached by me, please check out my website or send me a WhatsApp message on +27835093303