Rohit Desai

Transformational Life and Business Coach , Executive and Leadership Coach , Motivational Speaker

Mulbarton, Johannesburg South, Gauteng

BSc (Bachelor of Science Degree), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Foundations of Corporate Coaching, Business and Life Coaching, Master Transformational Life Coaching certificate, NLP Practitioner certificate, Mind Power Graduate.

072 373 2389


2 Hastings Drive, Mulbarton, Johannesburg South, South Africa

Master Transformational Life and Business Coach, Social Entrepreneur, NLP Practitioner, Mind Power Graduate, Motivational Speaker.

My company is Awesome Confidence Coaching builds confidence; as we have lots of challenges in life’s stressful environment and sometimes it becomes overwhelming which can lead to stress which causes health issues .This can have a negative impact on one’s self-belief and self-confidence, creating doubt, worry, fear and anxiety.

That’s where my confidence coaching can help you overcome these challenges by motivating, inspiring and empowering you to build your self-confidence and self-belief through various coaching techniques, positive affirmations and guide you in creating your own vision board through which one can achieve their dreams and goals. Can assist you in removing your negative limiting beliefs which stop you from moving forward to live the life you choose to live by.

I offer one on one coaching, group coaching as well as skype coaching. Workshops are also held on various topics and Motivational Talks.

Coaching has been very rewarding for me as it has given me immense pleasure and joy to inspire, motivate and empower people and as a result I have grown as a better person, increased my self-confidence.

I have worked for various companies including a multinational company in different departments with increasing responsibilities. My last role was as a Senior Purchasing and Planning Manager in the Procurement Division.

Achievements / Awards

  • Comensa Award 2018  for  ”Community Builder ”
  • Employer Branding Awards: Was Awarded as one of the ” Most Talented Coaching Leaders in 2019 ” in South Africa
  • Awarded by World HRD Congress 28th edition on 16th FEB 2020 – as one of the , ”101 Most Fabulous Global Coaching Leaders ”