Jessica De Bruin

Performance Coach and NLP Life Coach
Lynnwood, Pretoria and online coaching
Mobile Number: 072 246 7137
Email Address:
Skype: jessi-kaenguruh
Lynnwood, Pretoria, Gauteng

Jessica De Bruin (M.A.) offers a wide expertise ranging from corporate Human Resources to general management and development systems. She is also a qualified NLP-Life Coach and is the mental performance specialist in the company. Her main focus around personal development and transformation are life skills development and employability for the youth as well as behavioral change and long-lasting performance improvements for adults. At Meta4mance Coaching we incorporate coaching principles from high performance sport, scientific methods, business concepts and NLP-Life Coaching in the design of our products and services.

We offer a broad spectrum of physical and mental coaching services with the goal of holistic performance enhancement.

Our body and mind youth coaching program #MyMeta4manceProject is specifically designed to help teenagers and young adults who want to achieve mental, physical and social health and a foundation to a successful and happy life. The program is designed for 12 month and includes strength and conditioning training. The teens come up to 3 times a week for one hour each for the physical coaching. Once a month, one of those sessions is replaced with a one-on-one NLP mental coaching session with Jessica.

Furthermore, Jessica offers a 6-week intensive personal development coaching program ‘Take your life to the next level’ for adults. The one-on-one NLP -coaching session modules cover the following topics:

  1. What is the starting point of your journey and what drives you
  2. How to deal with things that are not in your control
  3. How to embrace and accept yourself for who you are
  4. How to take ownership of a new behaviour or skill
  5. What do you really want out of life
  6. How to achieve your goals and a state of happiness at any time

A brief overview of the areas I can support clients with, through NLP Mental coaching sessions:

  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Preparation for competitions
  • Unlocking of personal resources
  • Creativity techniques
  • Body sculpting- weight management
  • Performance blockages
  • Stage fever, fear of public speaking, Racing anxiety
  • Unwanted behaviour or habits (e.g.  smoking)
  • Feeling stuck in the past
  • Feeling stuck in a certain situation or with a decision to make
  • Want to resolve a conflict
  • Being afraid or unsure of the future
  • Wanting to get rid of an old belief

Coaching programs

Jessica offers certified Life Coaching and NLP Practitioning as another comprehensive tool of performance management.

NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) is the study of the structure of subjective experience and anything that can be derived from it. It is not only full of resourceful techniques for performance enhancement but can broadly be seen as a tool that enables Jessica to be a ‘Paramedic for the mind’.

At Meta4mance Coaching we are all about performance enhancement, whether it is for the corporate enterprise, health and fitness enthusiast, a sportsperson or anyone just wanting to enhance their lives holistically. We incorporate coaching principles (from high performance sport), scientific methods, business concepts and NLP-Life Coaching in the design of our products and services.

Coaching options

  • Workshops
  • Impulse talks
  • One-on-one life coaching
  • Online Coaching

Educational background

2015 - Mental Combat, Johannesburg - Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

2012 - University of Applied Science, Ludwigshafen/ Germany - M.A. Master of International Human Resources Management

 2007 - University of Applied Science, Ludwigshafen/ Germany - B A. Bachelor of International Human Resources Management and Organisation

Work experience

Up to now, Jessica has been able to gain valuable experience in the chemical-, financial-, hospitality-, automotive- and governmental sector. She worked in the corporate world in expatriate management, compensation and benefits, personnel development and a number of years of general human resources management in the German market as well as overseas. Before establishing Meta4mance Coaching she was working with the German Embassy in Pretoria for several years.